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What’s up with the Children of the World?

Blog Team
Nov 23, 2016

It’s been a whirlwind year for the Children of the World choir! They’ve gone to new places, seen new things, eaten new foods, and spread the love of Christ and the hope of the Gospel across the United States. Three of the children have even been able to meet their sponsors during the tour.

The choir has driven through big cities, farming communities, and everything in between. The children love watching the leaves change colors, and every new and interesting place they drive past is met by a chorus of, “Wow, so nice!” from the back of the tour bus.

The choir members are having a fantastic time traveling and singing, and they’re very excited to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with their new friends.

But before the holidays begin in earnest, they wanted to do one thing … tell you about their journey so far!

These kids have been all over the country, from Washington D.C., where they got to see the Capitol building …

… and to Hershey, Pennsylvania, where they toured the Hershey factory, ate chocolate, and posed with giant Hershey’s kisses!

Chocolate isn’t the only food they’ve enjoyed on this trip. The children love trying new foods, and already have some favorites. Marvin thinks the best American food is pizza, while Jamuna disagrees: “My favorite food to eat in America is spaghetti!”

Expanding their palates has been a treat, but it’s not the only fun thing these children have discovered. One of their favorite trips was to the zoo where they got to meet many new animals.

“My favorite thing we’ve done on tour is traveling to the zoo and seeing many bears,” Princess said.

Princess isn’t the only one with a favorite zoo animal. Eagles and penguins were other winners, and meeting all the animals made the children smile.

When they weren’t going on trips, the team spent a lot of time with host families. Compared to the other thrilling activities these children have enjoyed, visiting with host families has been a highlight.

“My favorite part about going to host families is going to parks and playing with them,” Ariely said.

The children love forming new relationships and making new friends. And some of their strongest new friendships are with each other.

When they talk about their favorite parts about the tour, the team never forgets the purpose of their travels. Ayusha said her favorite thing about the tour was, “swimming … AND doing concerts!” Many of the kids have favorite songs to sing or places to perform.

When asked, Samuel said his favorite place to perform was Liberty University, and Wangdi was quick to agree.

These first months of the trip have been an adventure, and the team knows that there is plenty more excitement to come. From here they look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving together, and one of the biggest blessings they’re thankful for is you.

Thank you for supporting the Children of the World choir. You’ve hosted, attended concerts, sponsored, donated, sent kind words, and done a thousand other things to encourage them and help them be successful.

Happy Thanksgiving from the COTW team, and thank you from all of us here at World Help.


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