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When a father can’t feed his children…

Kelsey Campbell
May 20, 2020

“Please take my kids!”

Mahdi’s desperate plea cracked over the poor reception of the phone line. And our partner in Jordan thought he must have heard Mahdi incorrectly.

But he repeated, “Please take my kids.” Because he could no longer feed them.

We’ve changed Mahdi’s name to respect his privacy because he’s a Syrian refugee living in Jordan under terrible circumstances. And he represents thousands of other refugees who can’t afford to put food on their tables anymore.

But you can help provide food and other essentials to people like Mahdi who can’t afford to buy a single meal. And your gift will DOUBLE up to $235,000 thanks to a generous matching gift from World Help Board members. For only $8, you can now help TWO people in urgent need.

Around the world, every day as more people become desperate to take care of their families during the coronavirus pandemic, many have already given up. But they haven’t given up on seeing their children stay alive.

In Mahdi’s case, he’d rather give his children over to someone else than watch them starve in their own home. And, no matter how hard he’s tried, it’s no longer within his power to take care of his family.

For a refugee, finding work is already a challenge. There aren’t many jobs available and those that are mainly require physical labor. Luckily, Mahdi was able to find a temporary job doing day labor work. But when the coronavirus swept our globe, Mahdi and many others lost their jobs.

Unable to pay rent on the small house his family was living in, their landlord kicked his family out. Now, they “live like dogs,” Mahdi explained.

Then one day, Mahdi asked our Jordan partner to take in his children so they could have a chance at survival.

“My wife and I can starve,” he told the partner. “But I want my children to live.”

Instead, the partner met with him in person and gave him a box of food so he could continue feeding his family. And that box of food was provided by generous people like you.

Men and women would rather give up their rights as parents than give up on saving their children’s lives. But you can help parents take care of their children. By helping provide essentials like food, hygiene kits, clean water, medical care, and more, you can keep families together and help keep them alive.

Mahdi and his wife are so grateful for the food they’ve received. But soon his family will need more, and his neighbors need help, too.

“People who are financially capable, please help take care of the poor people,” Mahdi said. “We don’t want to be rich, we just want to have food to eat, to feed our kids, no more.”

Other people like Mahdi are crying out for help. Will you answer?

Every dollar you donate will DOUBLE to help make twice the impact. You’ll help save lives through providing daily essentials that people can’t find and can’t afford.

Please give today. It’s become a matter between life and death.

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