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When Plans A, B, and C have all failed …

Kelsey Campbell
May 02, 2020

Plans A, B, and C have all failed Reena. She’s jobless and unable to send any money back to her widowed mother and two disabled siblings on the other side of India.

If anyone were able to get a job right now, you’d think it would be Reena. She just completed nursing school after all! But the coronavirus has stolen job opportunities from even the most skilled workers, making it difficult for their families to survive.

People like Reena need your help. And when you give today, your gift will DOUBLE thanks to a matching gift by World Help Board members. You can help rescue twice as many people affected by the coronavirus. Every $8 provides critical aid for two people.

Reena, who asked that we change her name, began like so many other nursing students … with a heart for helping, a passion for medicine, and a mountain of student loan debt. But, as a talented nurse, Reena wasn’t worried about finding work after school. Her plan was to get a job that would allow her to pay back her loans and support her family. She had years of training and education on her side.

But then the coronavirus pandemic stripped her of every hope of stability.  

It wasn’t for lack of trying that Reena found herself out of work.

She originally had a job lined up as a home nurse for a factory worker’s pregnant wife and family. But social distancing and shelter-in-place ordinances have made that impossible. The family most likely wouldn’t have been able to pay her anyway since many of India’s factories have closed down.

Reena next looked into finding a job at one of the local public hospitals. However, because of the financial crisis, the hospitals have had to cut back and can’t afford to hire any more nurses.

The one job Reena was able to secure at a private hospital was located hours away. With public transportation limited right now, she had no way of getting there.

So … she’s stuck, jobless, and broke.

And Reena doesn’t just have herself to care for. She’s trying to provide for her widowed mother and her two disabled siblings. They are counting on her for their survival. Reena doesn’t know what she is going to do. She can’t let them starve.

Reena is just one of countless people who are out of work around the world because of the coronavirus. They can’t feed their families or afford basic essentials.

But you can help. Even when someone’s plan (and backup plan) have fallen through, you can help them through these difficult times.

Your doubled gift will provide 2X as much food, hygiene items, clean water, and other daily essentials to people struggling to survive.

You’ve probably seen some of your neighbors, family, and friends here in the United States lose their jobs and struggle to make ends meet, as well. The coronavirus is affecting us all. And that’s why, when you give, a portion of your contribution will also help people here at home. You’ll provide food for out-of-work families and hygiene kits for seniors and others most susceptible to the coronavirus.

Your gift can help save lives and show people like Reena that their situation isn’t hopeless.

We’re all in this together. So, please, give today. ​

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