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When water meets physical and spiritual needs

Kelsey Campbell
Sep 13, 2019

Pastor Tyag once traveled long, narrow roads and climbed steep, mountain paths to reach his mission field … but now his mission field comes to him.

Tyag watched members of his community travel hours to gather water — even if it was contaminated. And the pastor, whose name we’ve changed to protect him and his ministry, spent hours traveling to people’s homes to share about the love of Jesus Christ.

His neighbors were hunting for water while he was searching for souls that needed saving.

In the mountains of Nepal, poverty is at the center of daily life. “Going without” is a constant reality. A lack of water … a lack of crops … a lack of hope.

“We faced lots of problems and difficulties because of the lack of drinking water,” Tyag said of his community. Even though he knew their most dire need was knowing Jesus, the pastor understood he first needed to help meet their everyday problems.

How could he expect people to come to church when they had to walk miles upon miles just to collect dirty water in hopes of staying alive?

But now, that obstacle has been removed.

Recently, thanks to generous donors, a water well was built right outside Pastor Tyag’s church. Now believers can gather water when they come to worship, and others are able to discover the hope of the Gospel when they draw clean water from the new well.

“Believers and local people benefit from this water project not only at church services, but also for use in their home,” Pastor Tyag explained. “The clean water stored in a water tank is further distributed through taps for use. We are now able to use this water for different purposes like bathing, washing, cooking, and drinking.

“Villagers no longer need to walk long distances to fetch a bucket of water because they can get it from the church. It makes everything easy for the villagers and church members because they are able to get sufficient water in time of need.”

Now, much like Jesus greeting the woman at the well, Pastor Tyag is meeting people when they come to draw water — and he’s offering them the Living Water, as well.

You can help transform a community when you provide clean water to someone in need. Once people’s immediate needs are met, they are more willing to hear about Jesus Christ.

Now, Pastor Tyag’s church is a community gathering spot. And he can minister to his neighbors more easily and effectively.

You can do the same for another community in need through the gift of clean water. You can help another pastor like Tyag meet physical needs and spiritual needs, too.

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