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Which is cheaper — the chicken or the egg?

Blog Team
Dec 02, 2022


It seems more people are raising chickens these days — even those who don’t live on a farm.


One reason is that over the past year, the average cost of a dozen eggs has doubled to nearly $3.

Rising food prices are especially difficult for people living in poverty. They were already struggling to survive … and now it’s become even harder to make ends meet.

Impoverished families may be unable to afford eggs, but it takes just $22 to provide chickens this holiday season. And since each chicken can produce 200 eggs a year, you’ll provide a family with dozens of nutrient-rich eggs for a fraction of the cost!

See the value in giving chickens this Christmas:

As you can see, providing a chicken is over 50% cheaper than what 200 eggs would cost in the store, making it one of the most cost-effective ways you can help people in need survive.

Not only will the eggs keep them strong and healthy, but they can also sell some to earn extra income. That means your gift will feed a starving family AND help them earn an income!

On top of all that, families in rural communities often use chickens’ nitrogen-rich fertilizer to help their crops grow. That means your gift will make an even greater impact by helping provide even more food that can benefit the entire community.

Please give this life-changing gift today and help provide a family with food and a source of income for years to come.


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