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Why Letters?

Blog Team
May 14, 2011

Sponsoring a child is a remarkable journey.

First, there is the discovery part—the process of researching, praying about, and selecting a child to support.  Maybe you were so overwhelmed by the need that you found it impossible to choose just one.

So you chose several:  A boy from Rwanda who lost his entire family to HIV/AIDS, a girl from Guatemala who scavenges the community dump every day for meager treasures to sell, and a boy from Kazakhstan with a severe visual disability. Initially, it may have been the need that compelled you to get involved, but it was the stories that truly connected you, changed you, and made sponsoring a child more than just a duty fulfilled.

Sponsorship means more because stories mean more.  And how can you share your story best?

Letters, letters, and more letters!

We have often emphasized that when a child receives a letter from his or her sponsor, it is considered a treasure.   And just as a story began your sponsor-child relationship, it is the stories that help it grow, thrive, and flourish.  It is our desire that over time, you will realize that your letters truly make a difference in this child’s life.   These letters cultivate a relationship and provide mutual support and encouragement—something your child may not receive in any other way.  But don’t just take our word for it, let these children’s stories speak for themselves:

Lalbiektluong (19) from India writes:

Dear Sponsor,

If you knew how long I’ve been waiting for a word from you, you won’t probably believe it. I started to tell myself, “maybe they won’t write to me anymore” and I felt a little unease.  But one night while I was reading my Bible, Uncle James came and called me into his office and handed me an envelope. I made haste to rip the envelope and when I took a glance at it, I found lots of pictures that kindle a spark of joy and excitement within myself. And that letter and those pictures were not from the world’s superpower president, or movies stars, but was from an incalculable loving and caring family.  The pictures are of my family that is worth more than heaps of rubies, who are miles away in the well known U.S. A. . . I never forget you in my personal prayers . . . I thank you Mom and Dad for lifting me up when I thought my life was blurred, but God used you to change the world one child at a time, and I’m so proud to have you as my mom and dad in the U.S. A.

Beatrice (19) from Uganda writes:

Dearest Aunt and Uncle,

I am so thankful to write you all the time! I really want to thank the Almighty God so much for the great miracle he has done to me through you!  Because the way I was before getting into your hands was like someone who has fallen deep in a pit and is seeking for help and his voice cannot be heard by anyone but only God.  God hears me and he made it loud for you to hear.  When you heard me, you run very fast and lifted me up out of the pit and now I am on the ground.  I was miserable and you made me laugh again. Praying for blessings to you abundantly and blessings that are neither given nor received by the world.

This letter is an excerpt from a letter Beatrice wrote upon leaving the WH sponsorship program

For more details on writing and sending correspondence to your child, check out our “Connecting With Your Child” page or give us a call at 800-541-6691.

Invest in a child’s story by sharing yours!



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