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Why Might My Sponsored Child Leave the Program?

Amanda Mattingly
Jul 23, 2016

Investing in the development and well-being of future generations is a daunting task. But through our Child Sponsorship Programs, you are investing in a single life . . . changing futures and restoring hope.

But what happens through the years and months as you continue to sponsor your child? What if they leave the program unexpectedly? What happens after they graduate from school or become too old for the program? Can I support them outside of the sponsorship program?

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Below are answers to some of the questions we frequently receive from our sponsors:

  1. When and why might my child leave the program?

In many cases, children remain in their sponsorship programs until they complete their education program. While this may vary from country to country, most of the time the number of years a child may spend in the program often depends on the child’s pace of education. Frequently, children graduate school and exit their sponsorship programs between the ages of 19 and 21.

Some children may leave their program before they graduate due to the family moving out of the area and are no longer close enough for their child to remain in the program. Also, some families may become financially independent and no longer need the help of sponsorship.

While it can be very difficult for sponsors when they are informed that their child is no longer part of the sponsorship program for whatever reason, you can be assured your child KNOWS how much you cared for them, welcomed them into your family, loved them, prayed for them, encouraged them . . . making a tremendous impact in their life.

  1. What happens to my child after they age out of the program?

During the years spent in their sponsorship program, these boys and girls have received quality education or skills training as they grew and developed into young adults. Using this knowledge, they can now transition into becoming a valuable member of their community. Some will seek further education through vocational school, others invest in family businesses or look for other employment, and some even get married and start a family. Each of these are typical next steps after a child graduates from sponsorship.

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  1. May I continue to sponsor my child after graduation?

While sponsorship allows for a close-knit bond between sponsor and sponsored child, we do not want to create a culture of dependence rather than development. Sponsorship programs provide crucial development and give children opportunities so they can thrive in adulthood. Although, some do continue on to vocational school and may benefit from further assistance. These situations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis between our Child Sponsorship Department and our international partners.

  1. I received a biography of a new child in the mail. What does that mean?

Whenever we are notified that a situation with a child has changed, and they will no longer be part of the Child Sponsorship Program, you will receive a letter in the mail explaining the change with your current sponsored child along with a biography of another child that is waiting and in need of sponsorship. Our hope is that you will have the opportunity to support and pray for another child, ultimately making the same impact in their life as you did your previous sponsored child.

You are changing the world one life at a time. You are a hero to the child you support, providing a greater opportunity for a bright future . . . giving them the chance to achieve their dreams.


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