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Why Sponsor? 5 Compelling Reasons

Blog Team
Jun 08, 2015

Sponsorship is one of the most crucial areas of our work around the world . . . and it’s also one of the most inspiring.

Why? Because the model of sponsorship initiates transformation in a way that not only changes a child’s life, but offers the hope of change for generations to come.

Sponsor a child in Africa - World Help

Here are five compelling reasons why sponsorship works:

1. Sponsorship meets basic needs. Nutrition, clean water, medical assistance, and shelter are essential for survival, but imagine growing up without knowing if these needs will be met. When a child gains a sponsor, they have the overwhelming reassurance of knowing they won’t go hungry, they’ll have a safe place to sleep at night, and if they’re sick, they can count on receiving the help they need. That peace alone is reason enough to commit to helping a child in need.

Child Sponsorship - Latin America

2. Sponsorship provides educational opportunities. Every sponsored child receives a quality education and the priceless foundation to further themselves through higher education, vocational training, and by developing meaningful careers that will support their future families.

3. Sponsorship promotes gender equality. Giving both boys and girls equal access to growth opportunities helps bridge the gap of gender discrimination one child at a time. Particularly in cultures where little emphasis is placed on the value and flourishing of women, sponsorship offers little girls the chance to dream big dreams.

World Help child sponsorship

4. Sponsorship supports emotional well-being. Giving children the structure and stability of a loving care situation means that the constant anxiety of extreme poverty can finally be eased. When children experience the relief of having their needs met, their emotional health benefits immensely.

5. Sponsorship offers spiritual guidance and development. Most importantly, every sponsored child in our program has the opportunity to hear the Gospel. This, we believe, is the most priceless benefit of child sponsorship—the chance to know and understand the life-changing reality of God’s love.

Child Sponsorship - India

It’s no coincidence that our family of sponsors includes some of the most committed and passionate supporters we have. With one simple decision, a sponsor gains the privilege of changing a child’s life . . . of watching them grow into who God created them to be . . . now that’s pretty incredible!

Still curious about becoming a sponsor? You’re invited to join us in asking some of our supporters from around the country why they said “Yes” to sponsorship.



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