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Why Sponsor: A Far-Reaching Impact

Amanda Mattingly
Aug 31, 2015

A sponsor’s reach goes beyond the $35 gift each month. It even goes further than the letters and gifts sent and the time spent in prayer for their sponsored child. All these aspects together have a far greater reach than we could ever imagine. Sponsorship has an eternal reach that extends far beyond our sponsored children and spreads to their families and even entire communities.

Uganda child sponsorship programs - World Help

While I was in Uganda visiting some of our sponsorship programs, it was hard to escape the joy and hope in parents’ eyes as they sent their kids off to school at the community program. Our partners voiced how grateful they are for the obvious impact our sponsors are making not only in the lives of these children, but also in the lives of entire families.

Just realizing that someone who has never met them has the compassion and desire to help their family, especially their children, is such a powerful demonstration of Christ-like love to these parents. You are truly making a difference!

Child Sponsorship in the Philippines - World Help

Jocelyn is part of the Cuyunin tribe of Palawan in the Philippines. She is the mother of three children who are all benefiting from the sponsorship program in their village. Each child is provided with nutritious food, receives assistance with school fees, and has learned about the love of Christ . . . all three have accepted Jesus into their lives! Jocelyn is grateful for the help of sponsors as it lightens their burden as they hope and pray to be able to provide their children with life-changing opportunities.

“Thank you so much for those who sponsor my children. I am so grateful to our God and our Savior Jesus Christ that through sponsorship it brings so much hope and great help not only to me but for the whole tribe,” Jocelyn said.

Sponsor a child in the Philippines - World Help

Sponsorship is a holistic approach to investing in a child’s life while also impacting an entire family and community. One life impacted translates into life-changing opportunities and promising futures that have the potential to impact many more.

If you’ve never considered sponsoring a child and are looking for a way to make a difference, join us today by beginning your own sponsorship journey. Not only will you impact a young life, but we guarantee your own life will be changed!



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