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Why We Stay After a Crisis

Blog Team
Aug 30, 2023


What’s the last major crisis you heard about in the news? The wildfires in Maui? The Ukraine refugee crisis? The earthquakes in Syria and Turkey? The widespread poverty in Afghanistan?

Chances are, if they haven’t already disappeared from major headlines, they will soon. But that doesn’t mean people in need stop suffering. In many cases, people caught in the aftermath need even more help because gifts and humanitarian aid stop coming in as global attention shifts away.

That’s why it’s crucial to keep providing help and hope to those in need, even after a crisis no longer warrants a place on news channels or social media feeds.


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Ukrainian refugees need your help to survive the months ahead

Take Ukraine, for example. Over a year and a half after Russia’s invasion, more than 10 million refugees and internally displaced people still desperately need food, clothing, and other essentials. They’ve lost possessions, homes, and loved ones, and many are living in unfamiliar countries.

According to a UN report, over 17.6 million Ukrainians currently need humanitarian aid. With the end of the war nowhere in sight and another frigid winter coming, refugees and other Ukrainian citizens need our help more than ever. This isn’t the time to forget about them.

Turkey and Syria

Join the Front Line and help meet the most urgent needs every month!
Countless Syrian refugees are struggling to survive amid ongoing war

It’s been over six months since two powerful earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria, killing thousands and displacing millions more. For Syria, the earthquakes came at an especially difficult time when the ongoing war had already displaced half of its citizens.

Progress has been made in rebuilding, but people living in temporary camps and shelters still need essentials, including food and clean water.

The summer eliminated the fear of freezing temperatures for those still living in tents. But as the warm season draws to a close, the coming winter months are becoming a concern once again.

The reality is that millions of people across Turkey and Syria still have no homes and are surviving day-to-day on humanitarian aid. The earthquakes may have disappeared from the news, but the urgent needs of those impacted are still the same.


Join the Front Line and help meet the most urgent needs every month!
Conditions in Afghan refugee camps have become life-threatening

You probably haven’t seen Afghanistan on the news for some time. Once the Taliban took over in 2021, Afghanistan was making daily headlines. But when the dust settled, the world stopped watching.

Right now, the Afghan people are suffering more than ever. When the economy crashed, poverty and unemployment skyrocketed. Much of the country was already living without basic needs, and this most recent economic crisis has only made a desperate situation worse. Plus, droughts and floods have led to crop failures and severe food shortages.

“It’s one of the forgotten humanitarian crises in the world,” our Afghanistan partner said.

More children are leaving school to help support their families. Women’s rights are being systematically stripped away by the Taliban, preventing them from supporting their families. People can’t get critical medical care because they can’t afford it. Families sometimes go days without a proper meal.

People are still waiting for help to arrive.

Why We Stay

Join the Front Line and help meet the most urgent needs every month!
Your monthly gift will provide lifesaving aid to people with the most critical needs

These are just a few examples of ongoing humanitarian crises all over the world. People are hurting and desperate for someone to remember them.

That’s why it’s so important to keep providing help and hope worldwide, even when crises disappear from the news. Urgent needs are ongoing. In many cases, they become greater when the world stops paying attention.

Three weeks ago, the world watched the wildfire crisis in Maui unfold. Devastating fires ravaged the island, destroying entire towns and livelihoods. At first, people were sharing on their social media to raise awareness and giving generously. But as time passes, people will forget and stop giving. Meanwhile, the people affected will still be struggling to rebuild their lives. They’ll still need help — and as long as there is still a need, we will work to meet it regardless of how long it’s been since the initial disaster.

What You Can Do

Join the Front Line and help meet the most urgent needs every month!
Your support will be an incredible blessing to people struggling to survive

You can ensure that people in Maui, Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, and other places around the world aren’t forgotten today. When you join the Front Line, your monthly gift will help the most urgent needs worldwide — even if they’re no longer on the news. You’ll be there when a crisis happens … and you’ll be there long after.

The best part? Every month for the first year, your donations will DOUBLE up to $30,000, thanks to a matching gift!

That means you’ll help 2x as many people by providing them with food, medical care, God’s Word, and more. Your monthly gifts could mean the difference between life and death for people living in poverty or in the aftermath of a disaster.

Join the Front Line today and make an ongoing impact worldwide.


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