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Why Your Gift Toward Shipping is SO Important!

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Jul 25, 2023


What comes to mind when you think of “investment”? Wall Street? Stocks? Banks? That one finance class you took in high school?

Those are all great examples, but there are other types of investments! When you give toward shipping critical aid to people in need, you’ll make an investment that’ll have a lifelong impact.

That’s because every $1 you give ships $16 worth of supplies like nutritious food, warm clothing, and lifesaving medical equipment. That’s your investment multiplied 16x!

Just listen to what Josh Brewer, World Help’s Director of Humanitarian Aid, says about the importance of shipping:

Your gift is an investment that can literally save lives. When you help cover the cost of shipping emergency aid, you provide help and hope to people in need worldwide.

What does that mean?

Those packages of food you help ship? They’ll give starving men, women, and children hope for the future.

What about the medical equipment you send overseas? Thousands of people will receive lifesaving treatment as a result.

That warm clothing you provide? They’ll keep families warm when temperatures start to drop. In some cases, a jacket could be the difference between life and death.

Give toward shipping and maximize your impact!
Your gift toward shipping helps save lives!

And when you give toward shipping, your investment will MULTIPLY! Just $30 will ship an incredible $480 in aid to meet the most urgent needs.

Your gift could be a lifeline for a community in need …

Food for a starving child …

Hope for a family facing an uncertain future.

Will you invest in saving lives today? When you give toward shipping, you won’t just send critical supplies to meet urgent needs — you’ll also demonstrate God’s love in an incredible and practical way.


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