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Will You Say "Enough"?

Vernon Brewer
May 07, 2013

What’s happening to the people of Syria isn’t about politics anymore.

It’s about life and death, survival and suffering . . . and the bleak reality that if we don’t respond now, the future of an entire nation hangs in the balance.

The U.N estimates that 1.4 million refugees have already poured out of Syria, seeking asylum across neighboring borders. As many as 8,000 are fleeing the country every day.

Millions are still trying to escape, trapped in a nightmare of slaughter, mass rape, and destruction. Over 4 million have been displaced within Syria . . . half of them are children.

Syrian refugee crisis

After more than two years of bloody conflict, a whole generation of children is now facing tremendous risk. Perpetual instability has toppled all nationalized medical care, causing hospitals to go underground. Routine immunizations, usually administered at a young age, are now scarcely available. As a result, thousands of children are being affected by outbreaks of measles and other deadly diseases.

Cramped living conditions in refugee camps and makeshift dwellings have become increasingly unsanitary, causing disease to spread throughout the population.

Mothers are struggling to keep their children alive, putting themselves in danger out of sheer desperation, trading their bodies for survival and protection.

An entire nation is on the brink of collapse, and millions of Syrians are wondering if anyone in the world cares enough to help . . . if anyone sees their suffering and hears their cries . . . if anyone is bold enough to say, “ENOUGH.”

This is not just a conflict, it’s an emergency . . . and I need your help today to bring relief and hope to thousands of displaced Syrians.

Watch “Restoring Hope to Syrian Refugees” from World Help on Vimeo.

World Help is strategically positioned to respond not only to the needs of refugees who have fled the nation, but also to internally-displaced families within Syria. Our network of aid and relief partners are working around the clock to distribute life-saving supplies like food, medicine, hygiene kits, blankets, and more to thousands in need.

I just received an update from one of our partners on the ground reporting delivery of aid to the very frontlines of the conflict in Syria:

I managed to organize a convoy of relief aid all bought in Turkey and hauled into Syria. We visited the refugee camps on the borderline, and a destroyed city called Azaz north of Aleppo. The trip was a good example of how devout Christians can make a difference. World Help gave me the motivation and tenacity to accomplish the unthinkable.

This is a window of opportunity that we cannot take for granted. Right now the response has been too little . . . but that doesn’t mean it’s too late.

Your gift today can make a remarkable difference for a Syrian refugee . . . it can save a life.

  • A gift of $20 will provide food and medicine for a refugee child for one month.
  • A gift of $100 will provide food and medicine for an entire refugee family for one month.
  • A gift of $1,000 will provide food and medicine for 10 refugee families for one month.

Let us be the ones that say Enough by giving our brothers and sisters in Syria the hope of a second chance. There’s no better time to act than now.

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