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Maternal Health Care in Africa



Living Under “The Curse”

In rural communities across the developing world, access to professional maternal health care is virtually non-existent. Complex births are a matter of life and death for both mothers and their babies, and often lead to excruciating, life-long health complications.

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One of the most devastating of these is obstetric fistula, a condition that develops as a direct result of a prolonged, obstructed labor where in most cases, the child’s life is ultimately lost and the mother sustains significant internal damage. The injury leaves a woman completely incontinent and creates a host of other demoralizing health issues.

Women affected by fistula, and in most cases, the loss of their pregnancy, are not viewed with compassion but rather, are believed to be “cursed” by God Himself . . . tangible proof that a woman is unfit to be a mother.

This cultural misconception has produced thousands of hopeless victims—women who are permanently cut off from normal community life.

The social stigma attached to fistula victims means that most women would rather die than live with the condition. For the majority there is no access to medical treatment. No emotional support. No spiritual investment. No reason to live . . . much less, hope.

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 Ethiopia // At A Glance

ethiopia woman statistic world help 11 in every 27 women in Ethiopia die during childbirth
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ethiopia woman statistic world help 6Less than 3% of Ethiopian mothers have access to specialized obstetric care
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ethiopia statistic world help 444% of Ethiopians live on less than $1 a day
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ethiopia statistic world help 2Of the 2 million mothers worldwide who suffer from obstetric fistula—9,000 are in Ethiopia
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But there is HOPE + HEALING[icon class=”fa-chevron-down”]



We’re committed to reaching these desperate mothers with the restorative healing of God—body, heart, mind, and soul.


Our vision is to provide victims in rural Ethiopia with physical and emotional rehabilitation, support, and reintegration into their communities—all with the hope that each woman transformed will, in turn, become a leader in their respective communities, educating other mothers in basic preventative practices aimed to prevent fistula and curb maternal mortality altogether. We invite you to join us with a monthly donation or a one-time gift.

Your monthly investment will provide the following:

  • Vocational education to learn a lucrative trade skill
  • Business and entrepreneurial training
  • Trauma counseling and support
  • Spiritual education
  • Health and hygiene training
  • Specialized education in maternal care and fistula prevention for prospective Safe Motherhood Ambassadors (Each SMA reaches approximately 100 women in her community with this life-saving knowledge)
  • A microfinance loan upon graduation for a woman to launch a business of her choice


The average cost to fully sponsor a motherthrough the healing process is $1,000 USD.
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Ethiopian Women Maternal Health World Help 3

Ethiopian Women Maternal Health World Help

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Each layer of support is as powerful as it is intentional. Women who were once seen as useless by their communities are given the tools for prominence and productivity. Educated, healthy, business savvy, and brimming with a newfound hope, these young women arrive as victims, but leave as role models.

Today, you can be a part of this revolutionary transformation. Join us in investing in the life of an Ethiopian mother affected by obstetric fistula or setup a monthly giving plan to consistently impact the lives of hurting women.

Invest-in-the-life-of-a-mother-button3 people have already invested



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