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World AIDS Day | 2014

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Dec 01, 2014

Today, there are 35 million people in our world living with HIV/AIDS, including 3.2 million children . . .

The brunt of the crisis largely affects sub-Saharan Africa, and the fallout has been absolutely devastating. HIV/AIDS stifles economies, limits educational opportunities, cripples food production, and dissipates families.

Without any kind of lasting stability, the majority of Africa remains in the grip of poverty, leaving entire generations virtually directionless. Today, there are 14 million AIDS orphans in Africa alone.

World AIDS Day 2014

World Help works with countless children affected by AIDS through our Child Sponsorship Programs throughout the continent. Many of these children have lost one or both parents to the epidemic, while some struggle to cope with the disease itself. These children are in desperate need of our help.

The good news is, this Christmas season, we can do something about it.

Through our World Help Gifts initiative, you can join us in making a difference for others in great need, including children who have been directly affected by HIV/AIDS. By making a contribution to our Medical Emergency Fund, children in our sponsorship program with life-altering injuries or illnesses will have access to urgent medical attention—surgery, treatments, and expert care that is often the difference between life and death.

AIDS prevention - World Help

In support of World AIDS Day, please join us to combat the crisis with your contribution of any amount to the Medical Emergency Fund through World Help Gifts. As a small thank you for your generosity, you will receive a special gift beautifully handcrafted by one of our global artisans (while supplies last).

Please join us in serving children in our programs who have been affected by the AIDS crisis. Together, we can help save lives and restore futures . . . one child at a time.

Medical Emergency Fund


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