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Nov 6: International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

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  • January 19, 2023

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FOREST, Va., Oct. 20, 2022— On Nov. 6, while Christians around the world recognize the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, World Help is offering glimpses into one of the most heavily persecuted countries in the world: North Korea. 

World Help is equipping Christians and churches with resources to help remember and pray for North Korean Christians including: a video testimony that speaks to the conditions in North Korea, Scripture resources and church presentation slides specific to praying for the persecuted church, and prayer and activity sheets to engage kids and families on this important topic for the church.

The cry from one North Korean Christian is: 

“When you pray about North Korea, don’t pray because they are pitiful. They aren’t. They die for their faith. They are strong Christians. Let them be strong. Be stern. Let people around the world, the people of God, arise to praise God and be as strong as the North Korean underground believers. That’s my prayer.” 

For generations, North Korea has been known for being one of the most dangerous countries for Christians. As a closed country that practices atheism, Christians are sparse. A death sentence could be handed out just for owning a Bible or participating in an underground worship service. Underground, because Christians have to hide any gathering related to religion. More than 70,000 people are in labor camps simply for being Christians. 

Those interested in supporting North Korean Christians can also make a suggested donation of $20, which provides a Bible and food for one week for a persecuted Christian. 

Interview opportunities are available to hear more about North Korea and the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church with Vernon Brewer, founder of World Help. 

About World Help

World Help is a Christian humanitarian organization serving the physical and spiritual needs of people in impoverished communities around the world. Founded in 1991, World Help works to meet urgent needs in order to bring help for today and hope for tomorrow. To date, the organization has touched the lives of over 80 million people in more than 70 countries through aid and relief, community development, church planting, Bible distribution, sustainability and education.

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