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Smith Mountain Eagle | The window of opportunity to help some Ukrainians might be closing

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  • April 04, 2022

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World Help: The window of opportunity to help some Ukrainians might be closing

Nonprofit World Help, based in Forest, Virginia, has been working to help Ukrainians displaced by the war with Russia but said that the window of opportunity to help people from some Ukrainian cities might soon be closing.

A small team recently visited with partners inside Ukraine and learned that the Russian advance means displaced families need all the help they can get before it’s too late.

“When we were in Ukraine, our partners told us there may be a very limited window of opportunity to help some regions,” Director of International Partnerships Kraig Cole said. “That’s their biggest fear. Russian forces are closing in on a lot of cities, and the more ground they cover, the harder it will be to get people in the most war-torn parts of Ukraine what they need. We need to act now to make sure their needs are met for the coming months.”

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