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WSET | World Help offers support to Guatemala volcano victims

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  • June 08, 2018

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by Caren Pinto

FOREST, Va. (WSET) — Emergency crews pulled more bodies from what remained of villages devastated by the eruption of Guatemala’s Volcano of Fire on Wednesday, but time was quickly running out to find survivors as the confirmed death toll rose to 99 with nearly 200 still missing.

Thousands of people displaced by the eruption have sought refuge in shelters, many of them with dead or missing loved ones and facing an uncertain future, unable to return to homes destroyed by the volcano.Locally, World Help in Forest is looking to make an impact on a national scale.

A $35 donation can provide one person with food, hygiene, and medical supplies.

Mark Hogsed, the Vice President of international programs at World Help, said his organization sprang into action when they heard about the volcano on Sunday night.

Firefighters said the chance of finding anyone alive amid the still-steaming terrain was practically nonexistent.

World Help already has crews on the ground in Guatemala and the money they need will go toward mobilizing these crews to the disaster sites.

World Help has had a close relationship with Guatemala for more than a decade.

“This disaster hits really close to home, and this is what we do as World Help, this is why we exist so we can respond in times of crisis, and our motto is to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow,” said Hogsed.

Hogsed said he will continue to help as long as they have access to the disaster site, and funding, while God’s Pit Crew in Danville is also organizing supplies to help volcano victims.

To donate to World Help, click here.

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