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World Refugee Day 2016: Reclaiming Stability

Rachel Godwin
Jun 20, 2016

Today is World Refugee Day, an important time to remember the nearly 60 million individuals worldwide who have been displaced by conflict. This year, we especially honor the courage and perseverance of those in the Middle East who are experiencing the largest humanitarian crisis in decades.

Because of you, thousands have received life-saving food, water, clothing, and medical aid during this extremely difficult time. However, many are still in need of education and jobs in order to rebuild their lives after losing everything.

Will you help save a refugee’s life for only $35? You can provide relief supplies like food, medicine, water, and clothing as well as spiritual support and trauma counseling to a refugee in dire need.

Displacement has been especially hard for the children as they were ripped from their schools, destroying all sense of stability.

Through your compassion, you have helped more than 20,000 Iraqi children recover at least a small amount of normalcy in their lives by returning to school.

Last month, we introduced you to Viyan, one girl who is now able to enjoy going to school—a source of light in this dark time.

Living As A Refugee | Viyan’s Story from World Help.

Mouamin is a young boy who also greatly benefitted from returning to school after being displaced.

A curious and determined student, Mouamin was always in school as often as possible. Even frequent health complications from a birth defect that left him with deformed legs could not keep him away from his studies.

When ISIS entered his city of Mosul, Mouamin thought the education he had worked so hard for was over.

His family was forced to flee on foot, taking turns carrying their son, until they finally reached a refugee camp in Dohuk. His father found occasional work outside the city as a construction worker but struggled to provide for their large family on his wages of $12 per day.

With no school to attend and the pressing financial burden, Mouamin faced the possibility of being forced to go to work at a young age like so many other displaced children. His dreams of finishing school seemed to be slipping away.


But you kept that dream alive!

You helped build a school that is serving as a safe and nurturing environment where refugee children, like Mouamin, can continue their education.

Since the school opened its doors, Mouamin eagerly looks forward to his classes every day. Even though Moumin can’t walk, you also provided him with the unthinkable. Mouamin now “walks the streets” in his shiny, red wheelchair.

Mouamin and his family are beyond grateful for the relief you have delivered, and they are not alone. Your gifts not only provided education but also clothes, hygiene kits, and heaters to the refugee children attending the school.

Hope for a bright future was restored for Mouamin, but thousands of other children and families are still in need.

As the hottest months of the year approach, the need for humanitarian aid is increasing. Long-term rebuilding efforts are also essential to ensure that parents find employment to provide for their families and more children can return to school.

World Help_World Refugee Day

Will you continue to give these children, like Mouamin, something to look forward to . . . to strive for . . . to build a brighter future?

This World Refugee Day, remind a displaced family that they are not forgotten or alone. You can empower them to transform this time of devastating tragedy into a new beginning.

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