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Would you burn your belongings to survive?

Kelsey Campbell
Feb 12, 2019

Would you burn your only pair of shoes to stay warm? Or would you light your favorite book on fire in order to give your children heat, even if it were just for a moment?

Refugees are facing life-threatening winter conditions right now. And without help, they may not survive.

But for $35, you can give a gift that multiplies 5X to provide one refugee with $189 worth of essentials like blankets, heaters, warm clothing, food, medical care, and more.

Cold rains flooded refugee camps in Syria last month, wiping out families’ tents and leaving them exposed to the elements. And recently, 15 refugees — including several children — were found frozen to death after a snowstorm.

The ripping, winter winds are so brutal that families are burning trash inside their tents and even throwing their few precious belongings onto the fire to add a little more fuel. Despite this sacrifice, the heat lasts only a few moments. The smoke, on the other hand, lingers in the tents, making it hard for families to breathe.

Burning plastics, rubber, or whatever materials they can find means children are breathing in harmful chemicals. Their parents know this … but what other choice do they have? They can’t let their children freeze to death.

Rasping coughs echo throughout the refugee camps, a result of the smoke and the rampant sickness brought on so easily by the cold. And without medical attention, some ailing children won’t survive.

What these families need are thick blankets, coats, and heaters so they don’t have to subject themselves to smoke-filled tents. But they can’t afford food, let alone a thick coat.

You can help by providing emergency food, clothes, blankets, heaters, hygiene kits, medical care, and more. All it takes is $35 — a gift that is combined with corporate donations and grants — and multiplies 5X to provide $189 of lifesaving aid to make the greatest impact possible.

Without these vital supplies, refugees will continue to suffer, struggle to breathe, and possibly freeze to death. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your gift can literally help save a refugee’s life.

So, please, act now and help keep a refugee alive this winter.


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