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Writing the First Letter to Your Sponsored Child

Amanda Mattingly
Oct 23, 2012

Letters are a unique and timeless gift to thousands of children around the world. For many of World Help’s sponsored children, receiving a letter from their sponsor brings wide smiles of sincere joy. Sonena, a young girl from India, recently received a letter from her sponsor.

She was so happy and excited she got a letter. She read each and every sentence with a smiling face. —Sonena’s house parents

Writing letters is a great way to begin building a relationship with your sponsored child. If you are unsure of what to write, we are happy to suggest a few ideas on how to begin your letter-writing process.

Letters being read at the Star School in Rwanda

First, tell your sponsored child about your family by introducing your spouse, children, siblings, friends, and pets. You can enjoy this special experience of writing a letter with your entire family as you share memorable stories. And don’t forget to include photos . . . the children are as interested in seeing you as you are them.

You can also explain the type of work you do, or describe what you’re studying in school, and in turn, ask what they are learning. By sharing these details about your life, you can begin to know your sponsored child personally. You may even come to find that you share similar interests.

Children love to know how you spend your free time. As they tell you about their favorite games and hobbies, you can do the same. If you play a sport, an instrument, or participate in a particular club, share these hobbies with your sponsored child.

Do you like to read books? I like to read books about baseball players, adventure stories, and about Jesus. —Jeffrey, a sponsor from Ohio

Writing a letter can also be a time of encouragement. You can ask your sponsored child for prayer requests, and share some of your own requests with them. Play a role in building their self-esteem by expressing how proud you are of their various accomplishments. Or tell them how much you enjoyed seeing their recent photo, or possibly a picture they may have drawn for you.

We are so glad we can be your sponsor. We think about and pray for you often! —Bill and Bonnie, sponsors from Ohio

We enjoyed seeing your smiling face in your most recent photo and have it on our refrigerator in our kitchen. —Cherie, a sponsor from Washington

While writing letters gives you the freedom to build a relationship with your sponsored child, there are a few topics you should avoid. These subjects include things such as elaborating on your material assets, suggesting your sponsored child visit you in the United States, or offering to send money or special gifts. By avoiding these few topics, we can ensure a safe process in delivering correspondence.

Sponsored children in India

Ultimately, letter writing gives you the opportunity to share your life with your sponsored child. We encourage you to begin the journey of sponsorship by writing a letter today. Whether this is your first letter or your tenth, the children love hearing from you.

To send a letter to your sponsored child, address the envelope to:

[Sponsored Child’s name and ID #]
c/o World Help Child Sponsorship Program
P.O. Box 501
Forest, VA 24551


Become a World Help sponsor today and join thousands that are providing help for today . . . hope for tomorrow! When you become a child sponsor, you are connecting to a specific child in our program and will be able to build and nurture a relationship through letter writing and prayer. 


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