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world water day

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Mar 22, 2012

Today is World Water Day—a day to raise awareness of the World Water Crisis that is stealing the lives of thousands. But it shouldn’t end there. This should be a day to focus on resolving this need by bringing clean water to communities around the world.

Global Crisis.

This very day, millions of people will scavenge for clean water. They will drag their tired feet down dusty, dirt roads in search of any water source that will, most likely, be filled with contaminated water. Death, due to water-related illnesses, is a very real risk they face.

While we celebrate that thousands now have clean water through our dedicated causelife supporters, there are still millions of people without access. Communities continue to be plagued by this global crisis.

Join Us.

This World Water Day, we urge you to join us in approaching this crisis with a Glass Half Full mentality. Instead of allowing the dire need to overwhelm and hinder you from taking a stand, we need to move beyond simply spreading the word about the need for clean water, and instead, make a commitment to act.

By turning words into action, we invite you to join with us in providing clean water to those in need. Through our online fundraising platform mycause, you can start your fundraising today.

Act Now.

This World Water Day, we urge you to get creative and meet the needs of those without clean water. Take the first step—this day does not have to go by without action. This can be the moment you decide to not just advocate for clean water, but to implement it.

In a time when the World Water Crisis takes the lives of thousands each day, make the decision to see the Glass Half Full by acting now.



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