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You Can be a Lifeline for the People of Fallujah

Blog Team
Jun 04, 2016

You’ve likely heard about the battle for Fallujah—50,000 individuals trapped as a result of the terror of ISIS. Entire families—men, women, and even children—are in desperate need after being trapped for several months now.

Five hundred families escaped Fallujah so far, and we were there on the frontlines to provide food and water . . . meeting their most basic needs in a time of terror and tragedy. You made this possible through your compassion and generosity.

World Help Fallujah Relief

As the only aid organization serving this militarized zone near Fallujah, the need to provide critical aid has never been greater! Still, 670 families are waiting for these supplies, and we are working urgently to send additional truckloads of food and water by Tuesday at the latest.

We cannot do this without you!

Amid their despair, you can intervene . . . you can be an answer to prayer.

For only $35 you can provide life-saving aid to a despairing Iraqi refugee simply hoping to survive after escaping the grips of ISIS in his own city, Fallujah. These supplies are a lifeline for these people who have gone months without access to staple resources.

World Help Fallujah

So far, only a few thousand people have been liberated from Fallujah and had the chance to make it to safety, but thousands more remain trapped and in desperate need of aid—20,000 of which are young children.

In the coming days, we expect many more to break free and arrive at the aid stations where they will be in urgent need of life-saving supplies like food and water. You have the chance to play an integral role by intervening on behalf of these refugees. You can be the answer between life and death by providing critical aid today.

With your $35, you can provide food and water to a refugee who has faced circumstances many of us cannot imagine . . . you can literally save a life and restore hope amid despair in Fallujah.



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