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You can be the answer to a mother’s desperate prayers

Emily Towns
May 01, 2018

Pedro cries day and night. While most kids his age spend their days learning to walk, Pedro lies on his back, staring at the laminated roof of his family’s little adobe home. His body is constantly in pain, and his skin is inflamed with sores. He is weak, and if nothing changes, he will not see his second birthday.

Pedro has a condition called kwashiorkor, a severe form of malnutrition that affects many children in countries such as Uganda, Guatemala, and Haiti.

But today, you can help rescue a child like Pedro — for just $50. Your gift will help provide initial nutritional needs and medical evaluation to save a child’s life. 

Pedro’s mother was so happy when he was born. She loved holding her newborn in her arms, but soon she had to return to work.

Ever since her husband left the family, she was the sole provider. Jobs are difficult to find in Guatemala, so she was forced to work far away while her little Pedro stayed with his aunt.

A child’s first year is critical to his development, but poverty made it difficult for Pedro’s mother to provide enough food for son. His growth began to slow, and when his mother left for her job, things took a turn for the worst.

Pedro missed his mother, and he stopped eating altogether. The malnutrition worsened and Pedro’s soft skin turned rough as painful sores covered his body from head to toe.

Without nutrients, Pedro’s tiny body began to shut down.

Pedro’s mother returned home to an incredibly sick little boy, and there was nothing she could do about it. Although she worked hard, the little money she earned wasn’t enough to provide the medical attention and nutrient-dense food her son needed.

When he cried out in pain, she cried, too. She would do anything to see him happy and healthy again.

Today, you can give someone like Pedro’s mom the ultimate gift — you can help rescue her child.

Malnutrition robs a child of his or her future, but you can change that.

For just $50, you can provide a child with emergency nutrition and a medical evaluation. With your help, a child like Pedro will be rescued and on his way to recovery!

Give today and come alongside a mother and a child in desperate need of help.

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