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You can change the ending!

Kelsey Campbell
Jul 29, 2018

Asmita was only 5 years old when her mother died giving birth to Asmita’s baby brother.

Her mother’s death left an indelible mark on Asmita, her family … and her future.

For the next few years, her father tried to take care of Asmita and her younger brother alone. Like many other farmers in Nepal, he struggled to make ends meet — his average pay was less than $2 a day.

The situation seemed hopeless. No options. No future. Unfortunately, this family’s story is not unique. Countless children across Nepal have similar stories to Asmita’s.

But Asmita got the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to live at a children’s home, one of World Help’s many child sponsorship programs. Now she is receiving everything she needs to succeed … including a good education.

This sponsorship program is offering children a different kind of life — one where they can dream big dreams for the future.

Life isn’t easy for families living in impoverished villages in Nepal. Parents just want to help their children succeed and give them a better life. Sadly, many just can’t afford to do that.

Some children in the program, like Asmita, come from single-parent homes. Most children in this situation are put to work on their family’s farm or doing some other kind of hard labor.

But instead, Asmita is enjoying a real childhood. She attends classes where she’s receiving a solid education. She also eats healthy meals and lives in an environment where she receives medical care and durable clothing.

Without this sponsorship program, Asmita’s story would have a different ending. But through the help of a sponsor, she can continue her education and pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.

And Asmita won’t be the first graduate of this children’s home who has gone on to great things! Other graduates now have careers as engineers, educators, or are earning higher academic degrees.

This sponsorship program has given brighter futures to children in Nepal for the past 20 years.

The kids don’t just have their immediate needs met; they also are encouraged to grow as individuals. Many begin participating in extracurricular activities like music, sports, and debate team.

As these children blossom while living at the children’s home, there are still others waiting to attend but who cannot afford it.

The children’s home can’t function without the generosity of sponsors. And, today, you can be the person to provide a child like Asmita the chance for a better future.

Will you sponsor a child today? For $35 a month, you can make sure a child has all the basic necessities he or she needs in order to thrive.

You’ll be helping a kid break free from the chains of poverty and introducing him to possibilities he didn’t even know existed. All it takes is just over a dollar a day to give him an education, healthy meals, medical attention, clothing, and a safe place to live.

Without sponsorship, Asmita’s story would probably be a lot different … she’d be working in the fields and living a life of poverty without any hope. But her story will have a better outcome now … she can grow up to be a successful nurse who will help care for others.

Like Asmita, the child you choose to sponsor has big dreams he or she can’t accomplish without your help. And through sponsorship, these children can grow up to be leaders in Nepal and hopefully work to help their communities become stronger and healthier. And you can help be a part of that story starting today.


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