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You can create another happy ending like Fostine’s

  • February 16, 2021
Kelsey Campbell
Kelsey Campbell

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Fostine felt like a castaway.

Hidden away in her home, she sat alone. No visitors. No family. No way to take care of herself.

Unfortunately, in her community in Zambia, the elderly are rarely looked after. So Fostine was left alone to fend for herself at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

And, as we all know, no one is more at-risk from COVID-19 than the elderly. With no one to look out for her, Fostine knew she could easily starve or become sick from the coronavirus.

But that’s when loving people took care of this castaway, met her needs, and showed her the love of Christ. That’s when the end of Fostine’s story dramatically changed.

You see, when you give to help rescue people like Fostine, you help rewrite the ending of their story. When it might have ended in tragedy, you can turn it into a testimony.

Members of the World Help family provided food for Fostine in her greatest hour of need. Now she doesn’t have to worry about going hungry because she can’t afford food. She doesn’t have to go out looking for work or begging for help, exposing herself to the virus.

These donations also provided hygiene kits, medical care, clean water, and more for seniors in the most vulnerable communities to keep them healthy despite the raging pandemic.

And, just like Fostine, they are eternally grateful.

Fostine received a special kind of nutrient-enriched rice called, “MannaPack rice.” This food will help keep Fostine healthy and keep her immune system strong in order to ward off sickness.

Most importantly, this lifesaving gift showed Fostine that she wasn’t a forgotten castaway after all. She was loved.

“Thank you very much for the MannaPack rice,” Fostine said. “It is helping us old people a lot during this coronavirus period. God bless.”

Right now, around the world, people like Fostine are struggling to survive. Whether they’re 3 or 93 years old, people are fighting for their lives because of the effects of the coronavirus.

And you can help.

Here at World Help, we’re working hard to meet these physical needs. But the coronavirus has also affected us. To avoid a revenue shortfall, we’re asking members of the World Help family to give a special gift before our fiscal year end on March 31.

When you do, your gift will DOUBLE to help rescue 2X as many people.

Please pray and consider how God might be asking you to give and help save more lives like Fostine’s and create more happy endings for people in need.

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