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You can help no matter what 2021 brings

  • January 12, 2021
World Help Blog Team
Blog Team

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A deadly explosion in Beirut. A crippling pandemic. Nationwide lockdowns. Global food shortages. Back-to-back hurricanes. Landslides. Raging cyclones.

These are just a few of the tragedies that no one expected in 2020.

And while no one knows what’s around the corner in 2021, you can be sure that whatever it is, YOU will be there to help. By becoming a monthly supporter, your gifts will go where needed most each month. You will help make sure disaster victims, starving families, and others in need don’t have to wait for help to arrive!

Even the experts couldn’t have predicted all of the life-threatening challenges that 2020 would bring.

Schools shutting down due to the coronavirus. Churches and businesses closing their doors. Families who were already struggling losing their jobs.

Then in August, more than 300,000 people were left homeless after an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, destroyed buildings for miles. And in November, Hurricanes Eta and Iota decimated entire communities.

Thankfully, the World Help family provided essentials like food, clean water, and emergency medical care to those affected.

But imagine if these families didn’t receive the help they needed in time. They would have been left on the streets … their wounds would have become infected … and their children might have starved.

That’s why monthly supporters are so important!

When you give automatically every month, your gift is at the ready to provide emergency lifesaving help when as soon as tragedy strikes. You ensure disaster victims, refugees, and sick and starving children, and other people in need don’t have to wait a second longer than necessary for hope to arrive.

You can become a monthly supporter today for as little as $24. With of gift of that amount, you’ll help rescue two people every month!

Your gift will go where it’s needed most, whether that’s helping a persecuted Christian or putting lifesaving supplies in the hands of a homeless family.

The best part is you never have to worry about forgetting to send your gift. You can sign up to give automatically by credit card or direct deposit. Or you can request that we send you a monthly reminder.

With just a few clicks today, you can help rescue people all throughout 2021 while also showing them the love of God.

And when you look back over the year come December, you’ll be amazed at what your generosity has accomplished.

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