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You can help provide oxygen in India!

  • May 07, 2021
Blog Team
Blog Team

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India is losing an uphill battle against the coronavirus pandemic. Hospitals have run out of beds and oxygen for sick patients!

Will you help fight India’s oxygen shortage and meet other urgent needs around the world with a gift today?

Our partners in India are working toward purchasing 100 oxygen concentrator machines so they can provide emergency in-home care when no there are no hospital beds or oxygen available.

They’ve already seen tremendous results with the few oxygen concentrators they have available. Here’s one story we received earlier this week:

S— is 40 years old and is married with two children. He could not get COVID testing done last week. It was not available even though many waited in lines for up to four hours. His oxygen saturation was very low, and his breathing was disturbingly labored. There were no hospital beds available which had oxygen support. Our friends provided one concentrator prototype, providing 10 liters of oxygen per minute. Before the end of last week, he had improved greatly with oxygen concentrations above 95.

Imagine how many more lives they can help save with 100 oxygen machines!

But these machines are expensive, which is why we need YOUR help.

Our partners also want to provide financial assistance to send people to larger ICU medical facilities when their local hospitals are overwhelmed. In some villages where they serve, more than half the population is sick with the coronavirus! Getting a hospital bed is next to impossible.

Your gift today will help provide medical care and oxygen machines plus meet other urgent needs in India and around the world. Every $12 you give is enough to impact one person.

Please give today and help save lives in places like India and beyond.


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