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You can save lives through shipping

Vernon Brewer
Mar 24, 2017

Right now across the globe, someone is desperately waiting for the aid they need to survive.

We currently have emergency food and medical supplies packed and ready to ship … we just need your help to cover the shipping cost. 

Every $1 you give will send $33 in food and medical supplies to someone in critical need!

I recently returned from the Middle East, and the living conditions there are horrible. Food shortages are common. Dirty water is all that’s available in some places. Many of the children are sick and suffering because no medicine is available. The camps are filthy, crowded, and dangerous.

And that doesn’t even account for the cold. Most refugees are living in thin tents, and while I was there it was below freezing with 35 mph winds. It was unbearable.

That’s why these refugees desperately need your help today. They need food, medicine, and warm clothes and blankets to survive.

When you help cover shipping costs for emergency aid items:

• Your $50 gift ships $1,650 worth of lifesaving aid

Your gift of $100 ships an astounding $3,300 worth!

You have the opportunity to help someone like Faaria. I’ve changed her name because she’s still in danger from ISIS, but she’s a wife and mother of two small children.

Faaria and her family had to flee their village of Bartella. During their escape, ISIS shot her husband. They were able to get out alive, but Faaria’s husband barely survived, and is now handicapped because of the bullet.

Faaria has no way to support the family on her own. “I have no idea what we will live on,” she said.

You can help a family just like Faaria’s — right now — by shipping these emergency supplies!

Here’s how it works:

• Generous corporate donors and grants provided critically needed items such as lifesaving medical supplies, staple foods, durable clothing, blankets, and hygiene kits.

• These valuable supplies are waiting to be shipped once the shipping cost is provided.

• Your donation ships these items to the people who need them!

Every dollar you give sends $33 in emergency aid and supplies that will help people around the world, like Faaria, who are hungry and struggling to hold on.

The food and medical supplies must be shipped to people who need it as soon as possible. Every day, the situation becomes worse.

But you have the power to change that! Since your gift multiplies by 33, you can ship thousands of dollars in emergency aid with just a small gift!

The need is so great, can I count on you to help today?

This really is a matter of life and death. Please pray for the shipments, and please help ship as much emergency food and medical supplies as you can.


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