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You Can Save One Life . . . Will You?

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Jun 17, 2016

As the battle for ISIS-controlled Fallujah rages on, more than 90,000 civilians are trapped in the crossfire.

As we coordinate with government authorities to provide “safe lanes” for escaping residents, you can help by providing food and water to a refugee for only $35.

One woman shared her story:

We escaped from ISIS. We have been through a miserable situation [living in Fallujah]. It was a terrible life—there was no life. We haven’t put a piece of dough in the bread oven for four months.

As her family ran, ISIS attempted to stop them . . . with machine guns. Miraculously, all 13 of her family members escaped.


For months, ISIS has prevented any supplies from entering the city. People have been reduced to grinding birdseed to make flour and chopping up furniture for firewood.

ISIS is literally starving innocent people to death.

Although these men, women, and children are finally being freed, they are in desperate need of food and water.

Will you help save one life? For $35, you can feed a refugee who is starving.

Exhausted from worry, Um realized she had a choice: Leave Fallujah or watch her children starve.

For me, we escaped from death. After ISIS saw us, they chased us. They told us to come back, or we would be killed. I told ISIS I had two children who were paralyzed, so I could not come back.


ISIS began shooting, and Um and her husband—carrying their children—ran for their lives. They eventually made their way to safety.

Will you be the hands of Jesus to a victim behind enemy lines?

Your gift of $35 can save a life. Right now, you can help rescue a starving, traumatized refugee on the brink of death.

Please give as generously as you can—and please stand with the people of Fallujah.



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