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You Can Save the Life of a Ukrainian Refugee

Vernon Brewer
Jul 29, 2016

“I live with my mom and younger sister near the front lines. Just today, my mom and I were wondering how we would survive as we had almost run out of food.” – Artyom, a young girl from Ukraine

Refugees in Ukraine, like Artyom, are trapped. She has no way out and does not have enough food to survive. Her situation is almost hopeless. Despair is setting in.

But you can be the difference between life and death for a refugee in Ukraine! Prices of staple food items and basic supplies have increased drastically since the start of the crisis, and transit into the area is very costly, but for only $65 you can provide an aid kit to a refugee, like Artyom, who has lost everything and has nothing left.

You’ll provide emergency food to a person who is in desperation . . . a person simply trying to survive. Emergency food items provided in this aid kit include:

  • Buckwheat, flour, yeast, and oat groats
  • Dried peas, tomato sauce, and cookies
  • Pasta and tea
  • Salt, sugar, and sunflower oil

World Help Ukraine Relief

By providing emergency food staples, you are giving someone in need a chance to survive. You are also sending a Bible and sharing a message of love and eternal hope. You and Jesus will met Artyom in her deepest despair, reminding her she is loved and never forgotten. You can be the answer of hope she’s been waiting for.

Without enough food, Artyom and her family struggle every single day. Many nights, the entire family goes to bed hungry. And small injuries and sicknesses can become death sentences without enough nutrition for the body to heal. Daily life is a constant struggle for Artyom who is forced to live moment-to-moment without food.

I cannot imagine the despair of knowing I did not have enough food to feed my own children. It must be such an agonizing pain for Artyom’s mother to see her children in dire need but not have the means to provide for them. They live in a truly tragic and hopeless situation.

Your gift will ensure Artyom and her family receive emergency food and a copy of God’s Word. You will meet this family’s most pressing physical needs while also sharing eternal hope through Jesus Christ. By providing an aid kit, you can be the answer between life and death for a refugee in Ukraine.

I Care Program 15_Girl

Will you choose to save a life of a refugee and give an aid kit and Bible today? For only $65, you can give urgently needed food to a struggling refugee. You can help restore hope in a desperate situation.

The ongoing terror this region has known is truly heartbreaking. Even the ceasefire declared between Russia and Ukraine more than a year ago has not prevented further violence from separatists. Ukraine is the underdog in this war. Her people continue to experience brutality, rape, torture, terror . . . and even death. Left without their most basic essentials—food—thousands more people in Ukraine are at risk and don’t have what they need to survive this war.

With no end to the conflict in sight, Ukraine is all too familiar with shelling and gunfire. More than 2 million people have been forced to flee their homes and hundreds of thousands more are left stranded in the frontlines of war . . . individuals just like Artyom. And the violence still continues.

This is the forgotten crisis of 2016.

But you can be the one to send help . . . you can bring life instead of death to a refugee by providing an aid kit filled with emergency food. The conflict rages on, and the need remains critical. There is no hope in sight unless you choose to intervene.

Refugees and their families are trapped in a war zone with no other options as aid organizations no longer remain behind to help. It’s up to you and me to answer this immediate, critical need. This is our opportunity to help Ukrainian refugees like Artyom.

World Help Ukraine Destruction

You can be the answer to prayer today with only $65. You can provide an aid kit along with providing spiritual hope by giving them a copy of God’s Word. Will you stand with m and help our brother and sisters trapped by war in their own villages? We have the opportunity to provide help and hope in this desperate time . . . but we must choose to act now!

To show you how important this is, here’s a quote from another refugee, a grandmother named Ekaterina:

I live with my grandson in our village, near the front lines in eastern Ukraine. We have a big family—three children, four grandchildren, and elderly relatives that we all care for. With so many of us living together, we have nowhere to go . . . nowhere safe. Every day we hear shooting, people die, and we are surrounded by an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness.

The children are frightened by loud noises, we have little food, and we haven’t been receiving salaries since the beginning of the war. We’re caught in a trap—we can’t stay, but we have nowhere to go. We don’t even have anyone to talk to about our problems, because everyone around us is in the same situation. Only God can help us.

What Ekaterina doesn’t know is that help is on the way. She and her family have little food and no money. She’s left hopeless, and the children remain in a constant state of fear. Can you imagine living a life continually filled with violence, starvation, and possible death? But you can help her!

World Help Ukraine

Imagine Ekaterina’s joy at being handed a box full of emergency food and the good news of Jesus Christ. You can do that! An aid kit filled with food is the answer to Ekaterina’s prayers. You will bring life to her family . . . she will finally have food for her children and grandchildren. One day at a time, this aid kit will make all the difference and it will all be because of you.

You can provide incredible practical help and restore hope to her desperate situation by providing an aid kit today. The Bible you provide will remind Ekaterina of God’s love and His transformative power even during times of desperation.

One of our experts on the ground put it this way . . .

Humanitarian aid is greatly needed, but if it is not coupled with the Good News, then its impact is only temporary. Aid transforms the body, but God uses His Word to transform the heart and soul, which allows suffering people in Ukraine to find hope and peace, even in the midst of turmoil.

Too many organizations have abandoned their aid relief efforts in Ukraine, leaving families like Ekaterina’s and Artyom’s with no food. But the need remains desperate. You and I are both committed to providing help and hope to the people with most urgent needs around the world.

For a gift of $65, the aid kit you provide will supply emergency food to meet the immediate needs of a refugee like Artyom or Ekaterina. Your gift will also include a Bible that will remind them of an everlasting peace through Christ that surpasses all understanding.

Will you choose to act today and be the answer between life and death for one refugee?

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