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You helped give Isaac (and countless other children!) a future

Emily Towns
Sep 01, 2019

Before the war in South Sudan, Isaac had easy access to education. He attended a good school with nice classrooms and qualified teachers. It wasn’t fancy, but it was functional.

Then the war took everything from him.

Around the world, poverty and violence have left people like Isaac desperate for help. They need education, they need safe places to live, they need clean water, and they need access to medical care. These things may seem simple to us — a cup of clean water and the chance to go to school are both easy to take for granted. But for children like Isaac, a classroom or a clean-water well are completely life changing.

In 2018, the World Help family helped bring sustainable change to poverty-stricken communities around the world.

You helped provide 73 clean-water projects in 12 countries, giving 49,590 people access to fresh, bacteria-free water. And you generously invested in the lives of 13,074 children in 21 countries through the gift of child sponsorship.

Each gift you gave toward enriching the lives of people around the world has had a huge impact. By providing clean water or investing in the future of a child, you helped transform entire communities. Your gifts helped save the lives of people like Isaac.

Threatened by the violence in South Sudan, Isaac and his siblings ran for their lives. The children found a safe haven in a refugee camp in northern Uganda. What they didn’t find was a school large enough to meet the educational needs of the massive influx of refugees.

All at once, Isaac’s future seemed bleak. Without an education, how would he get a good job? How would he follow his dreams?

The refugee children attended school outdoors gathered beneath a tree. A few volunteers did their best to teach massive groups of children with no supplies. And when the weather was bad, class sometimes didn’t happen at all.

“We had no classrooms, no teachers, no desks, and no blackboards,” Isaac said. “Whenever it would rain, that meant no classes. When it shined, that was another problem because we would study in the hot sun.”  

It seemed like an impossible situation. But then, World Help donors helped give Isaac and many other children another chance at a future. Four new classrooms were built in the refugee camp, complete with everything the kids needed to learn.

“Now we are very happy,” Isaac said. We have beautiful classes and desks where we all can sit and learn.”

By investing in communities around the world, you are making an impact on the future of children and families that will last for years to come. Each gift you gave began a ripple effect, one that will leave people more equipped to fight their way out of poverty.

Thank you for reaching out and touching lives around the world. To read more about the ways your gifts made a difference in 2018, check out our 2018 Annual Report.

You’ve been the hands and feet of Jesus in places around the world, and by giving today, you can impact even more lives.

Click below to learn how you can transform another community and rescue someone like Isaac.


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