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You helped keep babies alive!

Kelsey Campbell
Jan 18, 2019
Expectant mothers living in poverty don’t get to enjoy baby showers.

So, when they bring a new life into the world, they have to do whatever it takes to keep their children alive — even if it means wrapping them in scraps of old, dirty cloths.

No child should be welcomed into the world this way. Parents who have little to give their children would do anything to wrap their babies up in new blankets, wash them, and feed them properly.

And because of your generosity, many impoverished families are now able to keep their newborn babies happy and healthy. Thank you!

You helped people like Amat — whose name I’ve changed because he’s a refugee — who was desperately trying to keep his 1-month-old daughter alive. But he and his wife couldn’t provide everything she needed.

Refugees who’ve fled violence come to displacement camps trying to find safety for their families. But when people like Amat arrive in the camps, they often find they still aren’t safe. Food, medicine, and other basic supplies are difficult to find. And essentials for a baby are even more rare.

Amat and his wife didn’t have clothes for their infant daughter to wear. And with winter approaching, they were afraid she would freeze to death.

But you helped grant their most urgent wish: to keep their child alive.

Because you helped ship critical aid to impoverished families around the world, parents like Amat don’t have to worry about how they’ll protect their children from the elements.

Your giving helped ship blankets, food, medicine, warm clothes, and other essentials to people who are trying to survive with nothing. Thank you for helping to protect families in need.

“Me and my wife were worried [about] how we [could] afford money for buying clothes,” Amat said. “But thank God you came and saved our day … [we] are very grateful for your help.”

As winter hits the refugee camps, families like Amat’s will have blankets, coats, and clothes to keep their children warm against the brutal elements.

In countries like Uganda, single mothers now have food for their babies. And fathers in Guatemala who are struggling to make ends meet can now make sure their children have access to medical care and hygiene items.

By shipping emergency supplies to people living in dire poverty, you made a global impact.

If you’d like to continue making an impact and rescuing even more families, you can give another gift today. There are still more children who need lifesaving supplies. And for them, the time to act is now.

By giving to help ship emergency supplies, you’re restoring health. And when you’re restoring a child’s health, you’re also restoring a parent’s hope.

Today, help another father like Amat keep his child alive.


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