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You Made an Incredible Difference This Summer!

Blog Team
Aug 19, 2023


It’s already almost the end of summer, and the World Help family has been busy! Aside from the camping trips, cookouts, and days spent at the beach, you’ve made an incredible impact worldwide.

Check out what you helped accomplish in just one month:

The World Help family provided critical aid to victims of the Ukraine dam break …

You can make a global impact when you give where needed most!
Survivors of the Ukraine dam break are so grateful for all the support!

For the people of Ukraine, the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in June couldn’t have come at a worse time. In a nation where over half the population is displaced because of war, the dam break resulted in significant flooding that left thousands more homeless and without necessities.

Thankfully, you responded immediately by providing emergency food, water, and medical care to those affected by the disaster! During a dark time, you ensured their most basic needs were met.

Shipped containers of lifesaving supplies overseas …

You can make a global impact when you give where needed most!
You helped send lifesaving supplies all over the world!

The World Help family recently helped ship 11 containers of lifesaving supplies to countries like Burundi, Haiti, Ukraine, Jordan, Nicaragua, and Zambia! These containers were filled with over $2.7 million worth of critical aid that will impact more than 98,000 people — like Nikita.

When the shelling began in Ukraine, Nikita and his mother were forced to flee their home. They escaped to a small village in the mountains with bitterly cold winters. Nikita needed a coat but needed help finding one since the town was so remote.

Then, thanks to the support of the World Help family, Nikita received a warm jacket to wear during the coldest months! For him, this precious gift may have meant the difference between life and death.

Provided clean water to impoverished communities …

You can make a global impact when you give where needed most!
The clean water you provided will save countless lives!

Five water projects were recently completed in Africa and South Asia. These water projects will now provide clean, safe drinking water to over 5,000 people!

Because of supporters like you, villages in India, Nepal, and Uganda no longer have to travel a long way to collect dirty water and worry about life-threatening waterborne diseases. Now, they have clean water right in their communities!

Built a church in South Asia …

You can make a global impact when you give where needed most!
Hundreds of people will now have a place to worship and learn more about God

World Help donors also helped finish a church building in South Asia, giving people in the community a safe and spacious place to gather together and worship God.

One member said, “This church will now be not only a place of worship but also a place where souls will be saved, a place where sick people will be healed, and a place of love and reconciliation for those who are being hated and separated.”

… and celebrated a reunion for the Children of the World Choir!

You can make a global impact when you give where needed most!
Many Children of the World alumni gathered together to celebrate

Over 60 Children of the World choir alumni in the Philippines recently gathered for a reunion celebration. This event gave them the opportunity to reconnect and speak about how sponsorship has helped them.

One alumna shared that sponsorship introduced her to Jesus Christ. To her and so many others, a relationship with Jesus was the greatest gift she could’ve received. How amazing is that?

Thank you so much for the difference you’re making. You aren’t just providing help for today — but also hope for eternity.

If you want to continue making a global impact, please consider giving where needed most. When you give before Aug. 31, your donation will DOUBLE, thanks to a generous $50,000 matching gift.

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