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Your 2017 impact in photos: Children of the World

Blog Team
Jan 07, 2018

This past year was full of joy for the Children of the World International Children’s Choir. In August, the 2017-2018 choir members arrived in the United States, and they’re now halfway through a journey filled with learning, friendships, and the happiness that comes from knowing they’re making a difference.

These children couldn’t do what they do without your generosity. Because of your support, they have been able to travel and raise awareness about childhood poverty and the refugee crisis. The choir would like to say a special thank you to those of you who were inspired by their concerts to become a child sponsor or to help a refugee

Your generous gifts have changed the lives of children all over the world … and sent encouragement to a choir of joyful children here in America, too. Thank you for your support.

Here are a few of the adventures the choir has enjoyed so far:

The World Help family welcomed a new group of children in August for the 2017-2018 Refuge + Strength Tour.

This year’s choir is full of smiling faces from Nepal, the Philippines, Honduras, and Uganda.

The children love to perform, singing and dancing for churches across the United States.

The choir is led by Keith and Kayla Eshleman. They also have four helpers who set up for concerts and care for the kids.

At their welcome party, the children loved playing musical chairs! Bertha won, but all the children had lots of fun.

The children visited a farm in Kentucky where they picked pumpkins and enjoyed their first American autumn.

One of the children’s favorite adventures was their trip to Disney World! They went on rides, watched a parade, and made memories that will last forever.

Thank you for impacting lives through your selfless giving toward humanitarian aid and disaster relief! Your generosity has kept people alive and, more importantly, given them hope for the future.


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