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Your 2017 impact in photos: Humanitarian aid

Blog Team
Jan 05, 2018

The year 2017 could be remembered as a year full of natural disasters, violence, and pain. But your generosity transformed 2017 into the year that thousands of people received urgent care at a time when they were the most vulnerable.

When you heard about disasters around the world and people suffering in poverty, you decided to act! You sent lifesaving supplies and hope to people who had lost everything. And those decisions and actions created a ripple effect that will last through 2018 and on into eternity.

Thank you for sending disaster relief and humanitarian aid to those in need. The pictures below demonstrate just a few of the ways you sent both help and hope!

Residents of Mosul, Iraq, an ISIS-ravaged city, received containers full of necessities such as warm clothing and food.

During 2017, you helped impact lives by sending warm blankets, food, and other supplies to cities like Aleppo, Syria.

By providing diapers and formula, you made sure that even the smallest refugees were cared for.

Thanks to your help, more than 5 million meals were shipped to countries including Guatemala.

By sending supplies to hurricane-devastated Cuba, you helped save lives and opened doors for people to hear the Gospel.

Because of you, these women in Uganda now have enough food to feed their families and fight malnutrition.

Your gifts saved lives by helping send heart monitors, dialysis machines, and other vital medical supplies to hospitals in impoverished countries.

Thank you for impacting lives through your selfless giving toward humanitarian aid and disaster relief! Your generosity has kept people alive and, more importantly, given them hope for the future.


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