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Your company can throw a baby shower that helps save lives

Emily Towns
May 29, 2019

When a baby is about to be born, family and friends gather around the parents and shower them with everything they need to care for their little one. The couple registers at a store for items like baby carriers, strollers, and cribs — anything that will make life with a newborn go a bit more smoothly.

But in overcrowded and under-resourced refugee camps, parents struggle to find or afford even essentials like diapers and clothing for infants. There are no baby showers — no one can afford them, and many refugees have been separated from their closest friends and family.

Parents like those of 9-month-old Samah have no access to the resources they need for their baby … but your business can make sure that they do. By covering the cost to ship a container of supplies to a country in need, you can make sure that families like Samah’s receive help.

A beautiful gift for a precious child

When Samah’s family was forced to leave their home in Syria, they left everything behind.

Now, they are living in a refugee camp. The few jobs available for refugees are mostly low-paying labor job like moving and loading stone at a nearby quarry as Samah’s father does. The wages he earns for this backbreaking work are barely enough to put food on the family’s table, though, and his hours are inconsistent.

With such meager pay, he and his wife can’t afford diapers, onesies, soap, and other hygiene items they need to help their little girl grow healthy and strong.

Samah isn’t her parent’s firstborn. They have three other children — children who also need regular nutritious meals, clean clothing, and better hygiene if they are going to survive. But it is Samah that they worry about the most.

Normally, a baby’s immune system doesn’t fully develop until he or she is around 3 months old. And without proper food, malnutrition further diminishes an infant’s ability to fight off infections. A lack of warm clothing and hygiene items means that little Samah is the most likely one in her family to contract a serious illness.

Not even 1 year old yet, she’s pretty helpless. And her parents felt helpless, too.

As a fourth-time mother, Samah’s mom probably had baby things packed away at home. No doubt she held onto some of the clothing from her first three children, hoping to use it for a future baby. But when refugees run for their lives, they rarely have time to pack up their belongings. Many arrive in the refugee camps with just the clothes on their backs.

As Samah’s mother rocked her little one to sleep, she began to lose hope.

Then, a shipping container arrived at their camp. The container was shipped because of generous donors and businesses — people dedicated to bringing help and hope to needy families like Samah’s. Inside the container were new mattresses (a rare commodity in the refugee camps), school kits, blankets … and baby care kits.

Those baby care kits were a lifeline for little Samah. Included were warm baby blankets and clothing, soap, socks, cloth diapers, and other essentials that would help her parents keep her alive.

“This is a very beautiful gift for our little girl,” her father said. “It will be very useful as it’s expensive to buy her such products.”

That container held items that refugees like Samah’s parents could never afford. And those items not only help save lives — they bring hope to people who are in the midst of a devastating crisis.

Your business can transform an entire community

Many corporations donate gifts-in-kind like medical equipment, clothing, and shelf-stable foods to send to communities in need. But even if your business doesn’t have such gifts to give, there is still a critical way you can get involved. You can ship this emergency aid to the people who need them most!

The problem is, without the money to ship these supplies, they will never reach the people who need them most.

And that’s where your business comes in. For $12,500, you can ship an entire container packed full of lifesaving aid to places like Jordan, Guatemala, Rwanda, and other countries around the world. With your help, our partners will be ready when disaster strikes and needs arise, moving quickly to get these materials into the hands people like Samah’s parents.

We know this is no small request … but just consider for a moment the incredible impact your gift will make. Your $12,500 will ship nearly half a million dollars’ worth of essential goods. So, your donation multiplies 33X! Talk about making your dollars go further!

All those relief items that you send will be enough to help rescue approximately 8,750 people!

Here’s what that means:

• When a community is devastated by the effects of famine, your business can ship an entire container of lifesaving food right to them … saving many from starvation.

• When a group of refugees is struggling to survive, your company can ship food, blankets, and other essentials they need to stay alive and build a new life.

• And when doctors at a clinic in a remote village find themselves unable to treat their patients, you can ship medical equipment, medicine, surgical tools, and more.

Why you should help

We’ve seen time and time again that when businesses help others, they are blessed beyond measure. And when you ship an entire container, you aren’t just saving lives around the world — you’re making a positive impact on your own company.

Every dollar you give …

• Increases your charitable giving numbers, resulting in tax deductions for your business

• Encourages your employees and reminds them that their work stretches far beyond what they may think

• Demonstrates to your customers that you care about more than the bottom line — you care about helping save men, women, children, and little babies like Samah

Shipping an entire container of aid is a fantastic way to grow your company’s global charitable impact and save lives in the process. Get started today to multiply your gift — and your impact — 33X!


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