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Your Giving Helps Real People Like Priya, Katty, and Juliana!

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Aug 28, 2023


What kind of impact do you have when you give where needed most? We’re glad you asked!

We promise that your gifts will always be used to meet the most urgent needs around the globe — which encompasses many different areas. You’ll provide essentials like food, clothing, clean water, God’s Word, and more to someone struggling to survive.

Here are a few stories to give you a glimpse at your impact:

Priya Was Re-Introduced to Christ

Woman recieves Bible
Giving someone a Bible in their native tongue helps them understand the Gospel!

Priya faces extreme persecution for being a Christian in her country …. but thanks to YOU, she now has her very own Bible.

Here’s how God’s Word made it to Priya.

During a routine welfare visit, our partner went door-to-door in Priya’s community to see if any families needed help or prayer.

When they approached Priya with those two questions, she mentioned that she had a childhood friend who used to tell her Bible stories. Unfortunately, over the years, Priya and her friend lost contact.

“I used to always remember my friend,” Priya said. “I used to remember her words and how to put trust in the Lord.”

So, when generous donors like you provided copies of God’s Word, our partner knew exactly who to give one to!

“I am very grateful to you for giving me such a great gift!” she said.

A Starving Family in Peru Received Food

Send help and hope to Peru
Providing food to a family in need is a great way to demonstrate the love of Christ

Katty lives in Peru with her children and makes very little money. As a result, it’s often challenging to put food on the table — if not impossible.

Thankfully, your gifts made an incredible journey and reached Katty when she needed it most!

Her church received a shipment of rice and other food. From there, the church distributed it to people in need like Katty.

“Thank you so much for this blessing,” Katty says. “God bless you for your kindness.”

Countless Lives Were Impacted in Tanzania

Send emergency aid worldwide
Your generosity provides physical AND spiritual aid to the people who need it most

Your giving helped feed 1,821 people suffering from malnutrition in Tanzania!

When a supply of food people like you provided reached the Rorya District, families traveled far and wide to receive lifesaving aid.

Before, parents wondered how they would put food on the table for their children. And most days, it proved to be an impossible feat. Thankfully, through your generosity, a local church gave nutritious rice meals to people like Juliana.

“This rice is delicious and healthy!” Juliana said. “We only need water and fire to cook the meal. Look at my child’s body [and how] she has changed!”

The World Help family has made an incredible difference in meeting needs all over the world. But the work isn’t done yet! There are still:

– Refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, and Ukraine waiting for basic essentials

– Families in Maui who need help recovering from the recent wildfires

– Communities in Uganda in desperate need of clean water

– Persecuted believers in North Korea crying out for Bibles

– And so much more!

Typically, it only takes $12 to help transform one life. But thanks to a $50,000 gift, your giving DOUBLES when you donate before Aug. 31. That means just $24 will provide physical and spiritual aid to FOUR people!

Please give your best gift to help people like Priya, Katty, and Juliana.


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