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Your Giving Tuesday gift DOUBLES — today only!

  • December 01, 2020
Blog Team
Blog Team

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Today is Giving Tuesday — a time to pause and give back. After all, it is the season of giving

And to make the day even more special, all donations to help where needed most will DOUBLE up to $60,000 thanks to a generous matching gift.

2020 has been a tough year, especially for those who were struggling to survive long before the pandemic. People are still out of work. Children are starving. And families in Central America continue to face the destruction left behind by devastating hurricanes.

These people need immediate help.

And when you give today on Giving Tuesday, you’ll provide 2X as much!

Your special doubled gift will help where needed most, putting you on the front lines this holiday season by:

• Sending emergency aid to victims of hurricanes and other natural disasters

• Placing Bibles in the hands of persecuted believers for the first time

• Providing essentials like food, clean water, and hygiene kits for families affected by the pandemic

• Shipping medical equipment and supplies to overwhelmed hospitals around the world

• And more!

Right now, people in some of the world’s poorest communities are starving, sick, and suffering.

Children can’t focus in school because their stomachs are growling from hunger. New mothers are so malnourished that they can’t produce milk for their babies. Persecuted believers are begging for the comfort of God’s Word. And hurricane victims who have lost everything are wondering how they will recover and rebuild their lives.

Your gift today could be the answer to their prayers.

And best of all, you can impact 2X as many people right now by taking advantage of this early matching gift.

Because of the match, every $36 is enough to impact SIX people.

So please give generously today. Not only will your doubled gift help meet people’s most urgent needs, but you’ll also show them the love of God during their darkest days.

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