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Your impact in 2019: Children of the World

Blog Team
Jan 06, 2020

The Children of the World International Children’s Choir covered a lot of ground and impacted many lives throughout 2019 … and it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Thank you for supporting the choir in their mission to find sponsors for children around the world — whether you hosted some of the choir members in your home, contributed financially, or covered them in prayer as they traveled on tour.

Here’s a glance at what the choir was able to accomplish in 2019 because they had you cheering them on:

The 2018-2019 tour wrapped up in May after the kids had traveled from the hills of Virginia to California’s coast and back, performing for more than 32,000 people along the way.

By the end of tour, 1,215 of those people had chosen to sponsor children in need.

That’s 1,215 young lives forever transformed — children who will now receive basic necessities like education, clean water, medical care, and nutritious meals.

After a summer break, it was time for a new group of choir members to come together and shed light on the global issue of childhood poverty. Kids from Uganda, Nepal, and the Philippines were chosen to participate. With only a few weeks to practice their songs and dance moves, the team quickly learned their routines before hitting the road in August 2019.

Over the past few months, the choir has already visited 11 states, from Georgia to New York.

While they enjoy singing and dancing each night, the kids know how important their ministry is. Choir leaders Jessica and Andres say the kids always ask how many children were sponsored after every event.

They were delighted in November when 95 people signed up to become sponsors in a single day!

The choir also found other ways to serve outside of their music ministry. In October, they formed an assembly line at the World Help warehouse and stuffed bags full of toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, and other items to be shipped to people in need.

Needless to say, the choir stayed busy in 2019!

But between their volunteer work and performances, the children also took time to enjoy their first trip to America. They walked the Brooklyn Bridge, played at the beach, visited a zoo, and even shared their first Thanksgiving dinner together.

Many of the kids said their favorite part of tour was simply staying with host families from the churches they visited. They looked forward to homecooked meals, making new friends, and staying with their “aunties” and “uncles.”

From performing to volunteering to spending time with their host families, the Children of the World choir made an impact on everyone they met.

People heard their message about the importance of rescuing children from poverty … and they responded.

Since the 2019-2020 tour kicked off in August, the choir has already helped 782 boys and girls find sponsorship. And they’ve still got five months to go!

But traveling across the country advocating for kids in need costs money. The long road trips require gas. The team has to eat. And like all boys and girls, the choir members get sick and have to go to the doctor occasionally.

Will you consider supporting the choir financially so they can continue their important mission of connecting children in poverty with people who want to help?

For just $15 a month, you can become a Children of the World Champion. Your monthly gift will provide one choir member with food and medical care while on the road. These are basic needs, but without them, there would be no Children of the World.

When you become a Children of the World Champion, you’ll receive exclusive members-only benefits such as monthly highlights, photos, videos, and much more to keep you updated on the choir’s adventures.

The children on tour are thousands of miles away from home and experiencing an unfamiliar country as they try their best to help other kids find sponsorship. While they always have a blast, it can also be hard.

Becoming a Children of the World Champion is one more way you can stand with these kids and show them you believe in what they’re doing.

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