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Your impact in 2019: Rescuing entire communities

Blog Team
Jan 04, 2020

For a community to thrive, it needs essentials like schools, churches, sturdy homes, medical clinics, and access to clean water. Without these resources, the people living there — generation after generation — will remain shackled to poverty.

Last year, you helped thousands of people throw off those shackles by giving them the keys they desperately need.

Just look at what you accomplished in 2019:

In addition to providing quality medical facilities, safe housing, and beautiful new church buildings, you provided clean water — one of the most life-changing gifts someone can receive — to over 50,000 individuals!

Thank you for making such an incredible impact and meeting urgent needs for people like John and Elizabeth.

John and Elizabeth live in Zimbabwe with their three children. All of their lives, they had relied on getting water from streams and ponds located miles away and contaminated with animal waste and harmful bacteria.

Elizabeth would get up at 3 a.m. to make the trip before the heat of the day. John often worried she would be attacked by men on the road or by wild animals. It was a dangerous mission, but her children needed water. As she lugged it back home, though, she knew it would probably make them sick.

Now, none of these problems are an issue anymore.

Elizabeth can get more sleep now that there’s a well in her village. Now she just takes a few steps to collect clean water for her family. Her husband doesn’t have to worry about her, and her children are much healthier.

The entire village has benefited from this well. It’s been a tremendous blessing for those who own livestock since they used to have to collect water for the people in their household as well as their animals.

And now that the community has plenty of water to irrigate crops, the local families plan on starting a community garden where they can grow vegetables to sell at market.

One well — provided by the generosity of people on the other side of the world — has drastically improved both the physical and economic health of the 1,500 people living in this part of Zimbabwe.

Thank you for meeting the immediate needs of people living without basic essentials in 2019.

Doesn’t it feel good knowing that someone is living a healthier, safer, happier life because you chose to get involved and give?

You can experience that same joy again and help save lives every month in 2020 when you sign up to become a monthly donor.

Each month, your gift will be used to help meet some of the most urgent needs around the world such as providing  clean water for more families like John and Elizabeth’s, food for starving children, and lifesaving aid to people who have lost everything due to natural disasters or war.

By enrolling in automatic monthly giving, you never risk forgetting to send in your donation. So, if helping more people or being more generous is your New Year’s resolution for 2020, you can make sure this is one resolution you’ll definitely keep!

And since every $8 helps rescue one person in need, you can impact dozens of people every year!

Plus, as a monthly donor, you’ll receive regular updates about the impact of your gift and the people you have helped.

Click the button below to get started … and thank you for being a rescuer!

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