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Your love can reach the unwanted

Apr 24, 2017

A young Thai girl sat in shock. She had just learned she was going to become a mother — at age 14.

To keep her identity safe, we’ll call her Maylee.

“You aren’t fit to care for a child,” Maylee’s mother hissed, her eyes burning with anger.

“I will raise the child,” her mother continued, coldly. The resolve in her expression made Maylee’s stomach turn. As a young girl with no education, she was hopeless to overturn her mother’s decision.

One year later, Maylee was grief-stricken and alone in the city of Bangkok. Her mother had disappeared with the child Maylee had carried for nine months.

In her shame and brokenness, she went to work in Thailand’s booming red light districts — the only hope of survival for an unwanted, uneducated girl like herself.

But little did Maylee know how much she was loved and wanted by God … He had already begun to arrange for her rescue.

“Have I met you before?” a voice from behind Maylee asked. She turned to look straight into a woman’s warm, brown eyes.

“I don’t think so,” Maylee responded, confused.

“Oh. Well, you look familiar,” the woman said, smiling. “I come here all the time to offer friendship to girls like you. Call me if you need help … OK?”

The encounter lasted only a few minutes, but it was the most love Maylee had ever experienced.

Why did this stranger care so much for her?

It wasn’t long before Maylee took the kind woman up on her offer and asked for help to escape her abusive life in the sex industry.

Today, Maylee is almost unrecognizable — she radiates with confidence and hope as a high school graduate well on her way to a successful career in textile design.

At a local Freedom Center, Maylee learned her true worth through counseling and regular Bible studies. She was given the opportunity to earn an education, and — for the first time in her life — she found a safe haven where she could grow into the person God created her to be.

You can help rescue a girl like Maylee for as little as $60.

Your gift will help provide one girl with shelter, trauma counseling, medical care, a quality education, vocational training, and the opportunity to learn about God’s love for her.

You can provide her with a new beginning today.


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