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Your Sponsored Child Will “Fall” in Love with this Autumn Craft!

Chasey Pittsley
Nov 11, 2023


Autumn is officially here! You know what that means! Pumpkins, sweaters, hayrides … and a fun fall craft to send to your sponsored child!

Even though they may not experience the same kind of autumn we do, with multicolored leaves, brisk temperatures, and pumpkin spice everything, you can still give your sponsored child a beautiful handmade craft — like this fall hedgehog inspired by Fireflies and Mud Pies!

You can make this craft by yourself or use it as a creative way to get your family excited about sponsorship. This craft works for all ages! Either way, you’ll have lots of fun, and your sponsored child will be overjoyed when it arrives in the mail!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

— Cardstock

— Printable hedgehog template (Find it here)

— Printable leaf templates (Find them here)

— Markers or paint

— Glue

— Small pom poms (black or red)

— Googly or sticker eyes

— Scissors (not pictured)

Send this colorful fall hedgehog to your sponsored child!
Make this craft by yourself or with your family — there’s plenty of fun for everyone!

Step 1: Color your hedgehog and leaves

After you download your templates, print them out on cardstock. There are different sizes of leaves you can choose from, but we found that the smallest ones worked the best.

Next, grab some markers, crayons, or paints and start coloring the leaves! Don’t worry about staying inside the lines — you’re going to cut them out later on. You’ll probably need 25-30 leaves in total to cover your hedgehog.

Don’t forget to color your hedgehog, too! We chose gray, but you can pick whatever color you want.

Send this colorful fall hedgehog to your sponsored child!
Gray, blue, pink, purple, green — make your hedgehog whatever color you want!

Step 2: Cut out your templates

Now, take your scissors and start cutting out your creation! The leaves will take a little longer to cut, so it may be a good idea to employ another family member or friend to help you!

Send this colorful fall hedgehog to your sponsored child!
It may take a while to cut out all the leaves, so feel free to use a leaf stamp and colored paper to speed up the process!

Step 3: Glue the leaves to your hedgehog 

Now it’s time to begin assembling your hedgehog. Glue your leaves onto your hedgehog’s body, leaving room for the face. Make sure to point the leaves away from the head to make them look like quills!

Send this colorful fall hedgehog to your sponsored child!
Your hedgehog is almost done!

Step 4: Give your hedgehog eyes, a nose, and a mouth!

Take a googly or sticker eye and secure it near the top of the hedgehog’s face. Next, take one of your pom poms and glue it on top of the nose. If you’re a little short on supplies, drawing on the eyes and nose will work, too. Finally, using a black marker, draw a smile to complete your hedgehog’s look.

The final result should look something like this:

Send this colorful fall hedgehog to your sponsored child!
Your sponsored child won’t be-leaf how cute your fall hedgehog is! 

That’s it! Now you have an adorable, fall-themed hedgehog to send to your sponsored child! They’re going to love it.

Step 5: Mail it out

You may want to wait a few hours before you send your hedgehog out to ensure the glue is completely dry.

When it’s time to mail your hedgehog, make sure to send a letter along with it so your sponsored child knows what your gift is about — you could even write your note on the back of your hedgehog to turn it into a card. Remember to let your sponsored child know how thankful you are for them!

Once you’re ready to send it, address your envelope to:

[Sponsored Child’s name and Child ID #]

c/o World Help Child Sponsorship Program

P.O. Box 501

Forest, VA 24551

From there, we’ll make sure your sponsored child receives your special gift!

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