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Zimbabwe: ‘We cry for help’

Blog Team
Mar 20, 2019


“Just when we thought our country was on its way to better days, disaster struck and yet again we cry for help,” our Zimbabwe partner told us Wednesday morning. “The worst natural disaster in decades hit an unprepared and struggling nation.”

In fact, Cyclone Idai hit so hard that it damaged or destroyed more than 20,000 homes in Zimbabwe. People are sleeping outside, in makeshift shelters, anywhere they can find.

The greatest needs right now are emergency food, clean water infant care kits, and hygiene supplies. And for just $50, you can help provide these critical items to one person.

Rain is still falling off and on, but our partners are there, being the hands and feet of Jesus to families who have lost everything. And they need YOUR help.

Getting clean water to people in the most affected areas is especially crucial since the Red Cross warns there is the potential for large outbreaks of waterborne disease like cholera.

Will you give $50 today to meet the emergency needs of people affected by this disaster? Lives are at stake. You can help save a life today.

“It’s going to take months to recover from this and continued aid in the form of food and water will be critical,” our partner said. “We need you!”


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