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11-year-old Abi couldn’t wait to receive her first Bible

Vernon Brewer
Jul 21, 2021

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I was reminded of this after one of our partners in Venezuela recently shared Abi’s testimony. When 11-year-old Abi started attending a feeding program near her village, she was a malnourished little girl looking for some food.

But the more she went, the more she experienced God’s love from the staff. She realized she needed spiritual food, too. And thanks to generous Bibles for All donors, Abi received that spiritual food when she was given her first copy of God’s Word.

It all started when Abi came to the local community center run by World Help’s partners to receive a nutritious meal.

She immediately felt loved and welcomed by the staff, so with her parents’ permission, she began volunteering at the center. She spent much of her time helping with simple chores like straightening the chairs and organizing the silverware.

Each time she went, the staff would show her God’s love and offer her the opportunity to ask questions about the Gospel. Eventually, Abi became a Christ-follower.

Abi couldn’t wait to learn more about Jesus, so she signed up for a discipleship program at the center. She was especially excited to learn that once she completed the class, she would receive her very own Bible donated by Bibles for All Ambassadors.

Now, she’s paying it forward by helping other kids in her community learn to read and write so they can take part in the discipleship class and receive their own Bibles, too.

Each month, Bibles for All Ambassadors are reaching men, women, and children like Abi with God’s Word. This special group of donors gives monthly to provide three or more Bibles to people living in Bible deserts around the globe.

You can click here to learn more or to become a Bibles for All Ambassador yourself.

Since Christians often share their Bibles with family and friends, each Bible you give will reach up to five people. If you give just three Bibles a month, you’ll impact 15 people monthly … and 180 people in a year!

Around the world, people like Abi are waiting for God’s Word. Some can’t afford to buy a Bible. Others live in countries where getting caught with a Bible could mean punishment or even death. Still, they are praying for a chance to read the Scriptures.

You can help answer their prayers today when you become a Bibles for All Ambassador.

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