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What is a Bible desert?

Kelsey Campbell
Jun 05, 2018

When you picture a desert, you think of harsh conditions … a place with minimal growth and little life. And a Bible desert is the same — a barren place where Living Water isn’t readily available.

You may wonder how there can still be people who haven’t heard the Gospel or how anyone doesn’t have access to a copy of the Scriptures. It’s because of these Bible deserts that our mission as Christians is still set before us. There is much work left to be done.

Who lives in a Bible desert?

Often, those in Bible deserts are people who live on the margins of life. Here are a few examples:

Ravi lives in India, where poverty has inhibited “untouchables” from hearing the Gospel. Their lower-caste status has kept them isolated and alone for hundreds of years. But once Ravi received a Bible, his life changed.

Li lives in rural China where many people have never even seen a Bible. “There are no Bibles on sale in any bookstore in the city where I live,” he said. “Even one Bible for our family will be the best gift for us.”

Mee-Yon was thrown into a North Korea labor camp simply for owning a Bible. She was interrogated for hours and beaten. But despite the great risk, she and other leaders of the underground church in North Korea continue to ask for more Bibles.

These are just a few examples of people living in Bible deserts. Their neighbors, family, and friends are going through similar hardships but haven’t been lucky enough to receive a Bible yet. They are desperate for your help!

Where are these Bible deserts located?

• China

• Cuba

• Greece

• Guatemala

• India

• Iraq

• Jordan

• Nigeria

• North Korea

• Rwanda

• Syria

• Uganda

Why are there Bible deserts?

Religious persecution

Christians often suffer persecution in countries where they are in the religious minority. Sometimes this persecution even comes from neighbors and family members. In North Korea and China, getting caught with a Bible can raise the government’s suspicion and lead to serious punishment. For these reasons, it’s extremely difficult for persecuted Christians to purchase a Bible without endangering themselves and their loved ones.


In countries such as Rwanda and Guatemala, debilitating poverty keeps people from hearing about Jesus Christ. People in these countries can’t afford food and water — let alone a Bible.

Refugee crisis

Violence and civil war have ripped apart countries such as Syria and Iraq. People have had to flee their homes, leaving their possessions behind — including their Bibles. Because of this, Bibles are virtually nonexistent in many refugee camps.

How can you help?

Today, you can help saturate a Bible desert with the Word of God. For as little as $10, you can place a Bible in the hands of someone who has never owned one before.

Visit our website to send a Bible to someone living in a Bible desert. Or sign up for Bibles for All and send three Bibles every month to the countries with the greatest immediate need.

In Bible deserts, copies of God’s Word are often shared among family and friends. So every Bible you give has the potential to impact at least five people!

Give God’s Word today and watch Bible deserts transform into an oasis full of growing believers.


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