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Persecuted Christians3 min read


15-year-old John was willing to risk it all …

Vernon Brewer
Oct 08, 2021

North Korean believers are some of the bravest people in the world. They’d risk anything to find food and learn more about Jesus Christ — no matter the risk.

At just 15 years old, John risked his life by crossing the dangerous North Korean border, so I’ve changed his name to keep his entire family safe.

John’s family had lost their jobs, and he knew he had to do something before they all ran out of food and starved. His bravery was rewarded because soon after secretly escaping the country, John not only found food, but he also found Christ.

A missionary fed him and introduced him to the Gospel. Suddenly, all John wanted to do was return to North Korea and share the Good News with his community.

Your $20 gift will send a Bible and one week’s worth of food to one person like John who is fighting physical and spiritual hunger.

Right now, secret believers like John are risking everything to learn more about Jesus and share the Gospel with others. That’s why North Korean Christians constantly beg for Bibles. But if these believers starve to death, they’ll never have the opportunity to grow in their faith.

Here’s what persecuted North Korean Christians are facing every day:

1. Physical hunger — The North Korean people are facing the greatest famine in two decades. Typhoons and extreme droughts last year wiped out local crops, and the pandemic closed borders even more tightly than before, meaning little food is coming in from other countries. Entire families are starving to death.

Your gift today provides a full week of nutritious food!

2. Spiritual hunger — On top of all that, North Korean Christians are risking prison or even death every time they pray to God or tell someone about Jesus. And most of them don’t even have Bibles to bring them comfort as they face these tremendous challenges!

Your gift today provides a Bible, too!

Just $20 is all it takes to give one week’s worth of food and a Bible to one person.

Or if you’re able, please consider a gift of $60 to help even more physically and spiritually hungry Christians. This kind of generosity will provide three people with Bibles and emergency food.

Plus, your gift will multiply! Since most North Korean Christians share their Bibles with friends, family, and other underground church members, each Bible you send has the potential to impact up to five people!

Please give today to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of persecuted believers in North Korea.

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