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2016 Annual Report

During the past year, you’ve impacted so many lives with HELP and HOPE. And together, we were able to reach more people than ever before. Thank you for your compassion and generosity in 2016! You saw the need of a desperate refugee, an impoverished family, a child dreaming of a brighter future, or a girl fighting to escape the sex industry — and you chose to act. The incredible difference you’ve made is immeasurable.

You’ve done so much — I can’t thank you enough.

Vernon Brewer
Founder and President

What do HELP and HOPE look like?

HELP and HOPE show people they matter to God both now and for eternity. That’s why your gifts provide immediate, urgent aid as well as long-term solutions for lasting transformation. Here’s our holistic approach:

Aid and relief

When you provide help in times of crisis, you meet critical needs while also establishing a relationship of trust.

Sustainability and education

After a person’s most urgent needs are met, you can provide him with the tools necessary to begin building a better future.

Community development

Finally, you can help entire communities break the chains of poverty forever with essentials like clean water, shelter, and health care.

Your love is more powerful than ISIS

Bedria’s family had no warning that ISIS was drawing near to their home in Qaraqosch — in a breath, they were driven into the streets with nothing but the clothes on their backs. But in their most vulnerable hour, God used you to bring about the miracle they needed. 

You also helped send lifesaving aid and relief to 616,520 people in impoverished nations around the world.

In 2016 , your love and compassion helped bring hope to 110,698 refugees like Bedria throughout
the Middle East.

In 2016, you helped bring sustainable change to poverty- stricken communities through:
161 child sponsorship programs in 22 countries

Your love arrived in rural India

Manisha was only a few years old when her low-caste, impoverished community dissolved into mayhem. Desperation skyrocketed when government regulations banned one of the community’s main sources of income: snake charming. Nearly every day, Manisha was forced to look into the uncaring eyes of strangers who brushed past her on the streets while her stomach ached for food and her hands remained empty. But you didn’t overlook her.

You also helped
• 13,719 child sponsorships
• 83 clean-water projects in 10 countries
• Giving 66,086 people access to clean water

How you nourished a church in Rwanda

Deep in the heart of southern Rwanda, poverty and disease seem unstoppable. But they aren’t, thanks to you! You helped a light emerge in the darkness — the remarkable faith of the church in Bugarama. This church had grown so much that the congregation could no longer fit in the small, wooden house where they had been meeting … but you answered their prayers.

We see this as a time for spiritual transformation,” the pastor said. That’s
transformation that you made possible!

In 2016, you helped provide 148,198 personal copies of God’s Word, impacting 740,992 lives. And through your faithful prayer and support, 4,387 churches were planted worldwide.

Your trust is our top priority.

We are ethically and financially accountable so you can have confidence your support is being used responsibly to help as many people as possible.
As part of our financial commitment to you, we promise to …

1. Maximize every dollar you give to urgently help people with the greatest needs.

2. Uphold the highest standards of integrity in our relationships with you and our national partners.

3. Regularly report on the e ectiveness of your gifts and the lives you are helping change.

We also submit to annual review by independent auditors and several nonprofit financial watch groups, including Ministry Watch and Charity Navigator, to ensure complete transparency.

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2016 Annual Report

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