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2021 in Review: Community Development

Blog Team
Jan 05, 2022

In many remote villages around the world, essentials like clean water and sturdy homes are hard to come by.

Water sources are limited to dirty ponds or streams, and some families don’t even have a roof over their heads.

But thanks to the World Help family, 94 communities received clean water, 14 families got a brand-new home, and 37 villages were transformed last year!

Watch this video to see how communities received the help they had been waiting for in 2021

You helped build homes for families in need

Can you imagine having nowhere to sleep at night? No protection against storms or the scorching summer heat?

Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many families around the world. Some lost their homes during natural disasters. Others simply can’t afford a home of their own.

But over the past year, world changers like you helped build 14 homes in Burundi, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Seconde, a mom of three kids, received one of the houses built in Burundi.

“I am very happy for this house,” she said. “Now we have dignity, and we have comfort. We will sleep on mattresses in a safe house.”

You helped provide clean water

Clean water is another basic necessity that people like Reina didn’t have access to before World Help donors stepped in to help.

As a struggling single parent in El Salvador, Reina barely made enough money to feed her daughters. She couldn’t afford to buy drinking water, so she would walk for miles just to collect water from dirty streams.

Eventually, doctors discovered that Reina and her daughters had contracted parasites from drinking the contaminated water.

But they are doing much better now! Reina’s community received a new water tank and purification system so they have water whenever they need it.

Reina is just one of the 96,849 people who now have access to safe, clean water thanks to World Help donors like you!

Before you stepped in to help, the families like Seconde’s and Reina’s were struggling to survive. Now, their lives are forever transformed.

Thank you for providing them with help for today and hope for tomorrow.

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