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3 gifts your family and friends are guaranteed to love

Sam Campbell
Dec 15, 2021

We’ve all got at least one person in our life who is impossible to buy Christmas gifts for.

You know the one — the friend who has everything already or the relative who says they don’t need anything else.

Of course, you still want to show them that you care, though. So what do you do?

Why not donate to someone in need in their honor?

All of the gifts in the World Help Christmas Giving catalog can be donated in honor of your family members or friends. And these gifts are the perfect solution to your gifting dilemma. They won’t take up space, they can’t be outgrown, and you don’t have to worry about getting a gift receipt because your recipient already has one just like it.

Best of all, the gift you give in honor of your loved one will change the life of someone in need forever.

Here are just three of the 20+ gifts you can give in honor of your loved ones:

Bibles for North Korea

Here in the U.S., we can go to church every week with our families. We can go into almost any bookstore and find a Bible. We can even put up a giant nativity scene in our yards for Christmas if we want.

Unfortunately, our North Korean brothers and sisters in Christ don’t enjoy those same freedoms.

Bibles are illegal in their country. If caught with one, believers like Hana face torture, imprisonment, and even death.

Hana was trapped inside a North Korean prison for an entire year. The guards beat her until her bloody and bruised face was unrecognizable. Still, she never denied Christ.

Believers like Hana continue to beg for Bibles. Despite the risks, they want the comfort of God’s Word more than anything else.

This Christmas, you can help print, ship, and secretly place a Bible in the hands of a persecuted North Korean believer like Hana for just $10.

And you can give it in honor of someone special! Your loved one will take joy in knowing your gift is reaching Christians suffering for their faith.

Shoes for children in need

Perhaps you’ve given someone a brand-new pair of sneakers or boots for Christmas in the past.

This year, you can give a pair of shoes to a child living in poverty too!

Your gift will help a child like 15-year-old Johncy.

Johncy lives in a poor village in India where her family struggles to make ends meet. She used to own shoes at one point, but they wore out long ago. She had no choice but to walk barefoot everywhere she went. Her feet were always cut, bruised, and covered in painful blisters.

Thankfully, Johncy received a new pair of shoes — and you can do the same for another boy or girl in need!

Your $25 gift will keep a child’s feet warm and safe from harm. And because shoes are often part of the school dress code, you will also help a child receive an education.

Give shoes in honor of your loved one and watch his or her face light up as you explain how this gift will help a child like Johncy.

Sheep for impoverished families

What about a gift that will impact an entire family?

Sheep’s wool can be used for clothing and blankets to keep families warm throughout the winter. Their milk is an excellent source of calcium and other nutrients and can also be used to make foods like cheese and butter. And their lambs can be sold at the market every year for extra income.

Sheep really are the gift that keeps on giving, so your donation to honor your family member or friend will continue making an impact for years to come!

How to make your gift in someone’s honor

You can also click here to learn more about other gifts you can give such as goats, chickens, pigs, Bibles, clean water, food, and more. No matter which gift you choose to give, it will help families in a practical way by helping meet their immediate physical needs.

After you decide which gift you’d like to donate, follow these simple steps to let your loved one know how you are honoring them this Christmas:

1. Add your life-changing gift to your cart and check out online.

2. On the Checkout Options screen, be sure to click the checkbox that says “Would you like to make your donation on behalf of someone else?”

3. On the next screen after checkout, click “Get Started” under Send Your E-card.

4. Follow the directions to send your personalized Christmas greeting and tell your family member or friend about the gift you gave in their name.

Christmas is only 10 days away, but you’ve got this! You’ll find the perfect gift for everyone on your list in the World Help Christmas Giving catalog.

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