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4 of the greatest humanitarian needs of 2021

Sam Campbell
Jan 26, 2021

2020 will go down in the history books as the year of the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s the year you added face masks to your daily attire. The year you stayed inside more than you went out. The year entire educational and economic systems around the globe shut down and scrambled to readjust.

The year two million people died from this raging infection.

But what about 2021? What will happen?

Unfortunately, there are new challenges on the horizon. But you’re not powerless to help. Below are some of the greatest humanitarian needs of 2021 and a few ways you can make a difference for the people affected.

Global famines

While the pandemic was the greatest concern of 2020, famine will likely be the biggest challenge of 2021. Food shortages are at an all-time high. And the UN has predicted “famines of biblical proportions” due to the economic fallout of the coronavirus.

It could even be “the worst humanitarian crisis year since the beginning of the United Nations,” they said.

This is bad news for families in places like the slum areas of India and children in the remote villages of Guatemala, where malnutrition has already tripled. These people struggle to afford food on a daily basis … and now there’s very little food to buy.

But you can come to their rescue. When you become a monthly supporter, your gifts will help provide emergency food and other supplies for men, women, and children in their greatest hour of need.

You can help rescue them from starvation.

Ongoing violence

Near the end of 2020, a civil war broke out between the Ethiopian government and the rulers of Tigray, a semi-autonomous region of the country. Sadly, the war is still raging …

Over 50,000 people have fled to escape the violence, and more than two million are now homeless.

The government declared victory in Tigray, but the fighting hasn’t stopped. Homes have collapsed. Villages are destroyed. And many families worry that this conflict will continue throughout 2021.

By giving monthly where needed most, you will be there for people in countries like Ethiopia when violence and destruction breaks out. Not only will you help met their immediate physical needs, but you will also show them the love of God during the most frightening times.

Refugee crisis

Another concern that has been years in the making is the refugee crisis. Over the past decade, the number of refugees worldwide has doubled. And that number continues to grow.

Syrians remain the largest population of refugees, and many have been living in crowded camps and settlements for years. These people constantly struggle to find enough food and clean water for their families. And the only shelter for many of them are tarps or flimsy lean-to’s that provide very little protection.

With the cold winter months here in full force, families like Hakeem’s need essentials like food, warm clothing, blankets, and medicine now more than ever.

“Currently we are facing many challenges,” Hakeem said. “There are no jobs, we live in a small tent, there is no medical help in the camp, and we as a family live in very bad conditions.”

Your monthly gift will help rescue refugees and other people who are begging for help. The refugee crisis may no longer be highlighted in the news, but your generosity will remind them that they are not forgotten.

Christian persecution

Like the refugee crisis, Christian persecution continues to rise, and it’s also rarely reported in the news. Many believers around the world are threatened, tortured, and even put to death for their faith in Christ.

In 2014, a radical Hindu leader made headlines when he declared that much of South Asia would be free of Christians by 2021. This is one example of the incredible pressure that Christ-followers face every day in places like South Asia, Iran, North Korea, and many others.

In the face of this persecution, the demand for Bibles is greater than ever. These people need the comfort of God’s Word.

However, Bibles are hard to find or even illegal in some countries, so many Christians have never owned a copy of the Scriptures. When you become a monthly supporter, part of your gifts will be used to place Bibles in the hands of believers and seekers for the very first time.

You will help provide them with comfort … even in the midst of growing persecution.

Although it’s impossible to know what all 2021 will hold, these are a few of the struggles that people in need WILL face throughout the year. They’ll need emergency food, clean water, medicine, hygiene kits, warm blankets and clothing, and more.

Thankfully, you can be ready to help them.

All it takes is $24 to help rescue TWO people each month. Your monthly gifts will make sure help arrives on time, whether that’s rushing lifesaving aid to disaster victims or placing Bibles in the hands of persecuted Christians. Plus, you can choose to give automatically by credit card or direct deposit, so you never have to worry about forgetting to send in your gift!

Become a monthly supporter today … and provide help and hope all year-round.

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